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should i take the plunge and go for it?

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Just a little advise needed guys. I have moderate back acne (lots and lots of whiteheads and inflamed pustules, the odd nodular one or two.. ew), mild chest acne and mild/moderate face acne(painful spotty chin, a few on my nose and forehead, and very oily skin). I'm 22 now and i've had this prob for nearly ten years! i have missed social events because i feel so self conscious at times, i havent been swimming in a long time, i avoid the beach if poss, and i find physical relationships uncomfortable because i feel (thanks to acne) like a monster under my clothes! Bp works to a point with my face, but obv. it's messy and doesn't ever clear me up completely. It doesnt do much for my back (and i cant live life always wearig white!) Antibiotics didnt do much to help and my hormones are iffy, so staying away now from dianette (which did workfor body acne, but had many other negative side-effects for me). Should i give accutane a go? I don't have a severe case, but it's bad enough and it's robbing me of a fun and care-free youth (tehe boohoo).

Thanx mucho x

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hi you should definitely give accutane a go you have nothing to lose acne should not rule anybodys life you should make an appointment with the derm and tell him how you are feeling tell him you want to give accutane a go he should have no objections.goodluck with it let us know how it goes...

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Yeah, I agree. I was in the same situation, but now I really wish I had done it way earlier to get it out of the way. Just be ready to make a big commitment....

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