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Black people with scarring (What's best for us??)

Ok, I am originally peanut butter brown complexion,but the scarring and acne over the recent years has made my face dark brown color... almost like my face has been burnt,my face isn't smooth,it isn't even toned, it's scarred and badly discolored.... it's dull and rugged looking, I can't really explain it, it doesn't have a complexion to it really anymore. It's not real bad in scarring, it's like I have healed scars that has been there for a year... but it left hyperpigmentation.... it's not healing back to it's original color.... plus my skin has little bumps all around when you look at it close through a mirror. I went to a derm and she gave me stuff but it doesn't help.... so my mother said she would not bring me to a derm again.... it's like now I'm stuck because it seems like finding a good derm is the only thing that will help my skin..... Is there anything that can work for my complexion.... I feel like I'm trapped in a well and I can't get out.... sad.gif . That's how I feel...

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Hi NA,

Darker complexions can be very sensitive. If you are not breaking out anymore you might want to consider using Curryboy's Papaya Soap. It has a mild bleaching action and is an excellent exfoliant.

Here is the link:


Also, my guess is that your name is not very accurate. You just feel that way right now.

My best!


PS: If your derm isn't used to dealing with darker complexions your might seek one out that is and then talk to your mom about another visit.

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Are you male or female and how old are you? What type of scars do you have? Is it just hyperpigmentation? Read the mandalic acid thread to start it was made by a darker skinned poster with pigmentation problems.

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I'm a male,& I'm 17, I'm not sure about my scars... their healed... they just left like hyperpigmetation marks, I have a bunch of blotched scars and blothced dry,dull looking skin, it's not smooth and toned as it used to be, I don't know what I can do to improve my complexion and get the scars to go away.

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