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Buying stuff that doesn't work is driving me insane!!!!

I have spent tons of money on stuff that doesn't help my scars at all..... I have a dermatologist, I stopped going to her because all she prescribed is stuff that didn't help my scars,my mother vowed never to bring me to another dermatologist again because of that.... It's frustrating.... I might as well took that money I bought the products with & just threw it in the trash. Then, I'm constantly going through an emotional rollar coaster here reading something at the scar treatment board that might help...I get excited thinking it's going to work miracles for me, I go out & buy it & it does nothing. sad.gif . I think my face is uncurable..... I guess I'm going to have to get used to a scarred up face. I really hate the comments from people. Just a week ago before christmas break, my friends were talking about acne & scars... not in a bad way... What they have is minor... a scar, a bump or two... I wish I had it like them... I laugh to myself when they get all hysterical over that one or two bumps, of course that's how I was right when I first started breaking out with a bump or two so I can't be talking.What also bothers me is other people may see me as the hottest person in the world when I can't find myself to be like that.A month ago, a really cute girl said I was hot... I had to look behind me because I was like... are you talking to me??I wish I could build up the confidence but it's hard when I have to reminded in the mirror everyday.

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I have a great dermatologist. He is currently treating my acne with antibiotics and topical gels. He gives me scheduals to follow and explains acne and everything. What a great guy! Well what he said about my scars is (my forehead, population: 100000000 red and purple marks) that they'll take a long time to go away. He has performed scar treatments on many people and the outcome has not been great he says and he doesn't recommend it to people but he does perform it if they insist. He says that I should just wear sunscreen and head out into the sun once in a while. With sunscreen, the sun should eventually darken your skin without burning hopefully and the scars will eventually blend in and fade in the long run. I notice that redmarks from grade 8 (im in grade 11) have mainly dissapeared. This is my view.

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research what you buy b4 you buy it, and know that many products take a long time b4 they show any results

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