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Woot! My acne is finally settling down

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Hello everyone! I've been a very unregular poster here, since last year, but I felt compelled to come back here and post my little success story lol.

I'm 26 and it could be that I'm finally growing out of it. Another factor that may have helped is that I've been dealing with some serious knee problems the last two years, had surgery recently and I pretty much stopped caring about my acne and my looks. Compared to what I'm dealing with right now what's the point right.

So I pretty much let my self go, stopped with the creams, washing my face to put on the creams, grown a shaggy beard, stopped bathing regularly, rarely leave the house, stopped caring, and woohoo! My acne started to settle down on its on accord. lol

Another theory is I take anti-inflammatory drugs regularly, maybe that helps. Who knows!

I'm not saying that not caring about acne is the answer or good advice for those with severe or persistent acne, but for those of with mild acne, worrying less about it and milder treatments could help, maybe not all of us, but some of us!

Anyway cheers :dance:

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yes inflammation is one of the main reason for the acne of most people, acne + oily skin = clogged pores --> possible infection --> ugly red bump/whitehead

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yes, i remember when i was waiting to get a Root Canal done. I was on some 800MG of ibuprofen and on some antibiotics, my acne almost vanish

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Interesting I was also on antibiotics for a while, but my acne as been settled down even before I had surgery when I was only taking anti-inflamatory and pain drugs (jasavulide, exxiv, ben-u-ron, etc).

If they had anything to do with it, hope they cured my acne, otherwise lol

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