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Accutane's def worth it


I've just gone past my 5th week on ro- accutane and I can now honestly say I am happy with my skin, so much so that it's one of my good assets.

I am 21 and have had mild acne with moderate breakouts since the age of 16. I had tried all the over- counter products as well as most of the drugs available on perscription, both topical and oral with little success. I tried to get my doctor to refer me to a derm many a time and he simply said it wasn't a serious enough case, but for me it was. I took action into my own hands and went private with my own money saved up over time, because I was so determined to get it sorted. Anyways when I saw the derm he straight away offered me ro- accutane even though he considered my acne to be mild, he believed there was no reason why anyone had to put up with acne. He put me on 20mg a day for three months.

Over the first two weeks my skin seemed to improve slightly, it was no longer oily and the amount of whiteheads, blackheads on my face reduced. I still had a few spots on my face and a fair few on my back. At the end of the third week my skin began to dry and then I had my 'initial breakout'. This lasted 2- 3 days and was BAD. My whole face became covered (literally) in blackheads and whiteheads and huge spots (for me) came up all over my face (the size of a 50p). The spots seemed to come and go within a day however and the blackheads and whiteheads reduced slowly. By the end of the fourth week my face/ back was ENTIRELY clear of spots and whiteheads and blackheads.

My skin is still clear and super smooth, with only the odd tiny pimple popping up on my face or back. The red marks I gained from the 'initial breakout' are also fading fast, as are the very shallow scars I had. With nearly two months of treatment still in front of me I feel hopeful of my skin remaining in good condition after treatment. Obviously there are gonna be days where you get a spot or a few w/h's and b/h's but then so does everyone, even those peeps without acne.

Oh another thing I forgot to mention is that I have only experienced dry skin, NONE of the other side effects including chapped lips. I encourage anyone bothered by their acne no matter how mild or severe to give ro- accutane ago. I seem to be lucky in terms of side effects, but judging from peeps posts on here, ro- accutane keeping acne under control isn't by luck.

Good luck everyone and i'll keep you all updated... Happy New Year!


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