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Quit Regimen!! - very interesting results!

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i stopped trying BP and all products to see what it was like last year after BP, and i had dreadful breakouts after 3 weeks. those 3 weeks i had never ever looked better in my entire life. and then i had never looked worse the next month.

im not saying thats going to happen to you, but dont be too quick to judge. many people get that little fast clear after stopping products, but many a times ive heard it not lasting.

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yah it's annoying and frustrating that it doesn't last...

one of the problems seems to lie with irritation from these products though.

including the DKR.

irritation causes breakouts.

with Accutane, yah the side effects suck, but at least you have clear skin for a while and sometimes it goes into remission completely....which is a god send...but other times it doesn't work.

it's impossible to tell what will happen.

I'm starting on a low 20mg a day dose....but when I check back with my doctor in 1 month for blood work....if nothing is happening, I'm gonna suggest going to 40mg a day.....

as much as I don't want to ...

I don't see any other option.

whens THE DKR moisturizer supposed to be released?

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I have officially quit the regimen also. I've been on the regimen for 6 months with extraordinary results; During the last 3 months I never had one zit. So why am I quiting the regimen? Benzoyl Peroxide made my acne scars extremely pronounced and red. I had a constant red hue to my face, and my face felt medicated and dead all the time instead of healthy. I've decided to go the Lac-hydrin 5--jojoba oil route only and so far my face is glowing and my scars have faded significantly. I have had breakouts, but they are small and manageable. I want to grow out of acne not put some sort of chemical on it my entire life. Fortunately, I only had mild-moderate acne in the beginning.

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I have noticed that my daughters regime which includes BP is no longer working for her. I told her that I think when school lets out for the summer she stop all potions and see what happens. I am curious though as to whether BP will start working again after the break and she starts to break out real bad.

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I tried every single lotion, potion, treatment other than accutane and the best I found was DKR. But I didn't wanna spend the rest of my life on DKR. So I decided accutane was for me. I'm 27.

Many of you will grow out of acne and you won't need to burden your body with accutane.

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I feel the same - I really don’t like the thought of putting BP on my face every day twice a day, plus I'm in a band so whenever we tour its just really annoying...just wanna pass out after a gig, not think about cleansing and all that.

I read you could still have puberty related acne from the ages 14-25…hopefully I still have that even though I’m 23 too. I only really started shaving properly the last 12 months so I dunno...I started getting acne when I was 18.

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well I've been on 20mg / day of accutane since the 12th, and things are going nicely.

not noticing much in the way of side effects, except I'm a little more irritable, and my lips are chapping...

but nice beautiful clear skin....and the left over's from before are healing....nothing new though

In 1 month, I'm going to increase to 40mg / day of accutane..

and the funny thing....haha I've also been using the regimen while I've been on this too!, and I notice less peeling and redness than when I WASN'T using acctuane...LOL

man skin is funny.....I just hope this nice long 6 month round of accutane will clear me......

I'll keep everyone posted.

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