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Dan's Gel Leaving White Streaks

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Any way to avoid this? I've tried going really slow, only rubbing in circles, etc, yet I always get at least a little bit of white residue, usually on the outside edges of my face, near my hairline.

I'm starting a new job soon and really can't have white streaks on my face. Any advice?

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Do you have any extra moisture on your face when you apply BP? I've found that even a couple stray drops of water on my face or fingers (or too much jojoba oil too) leads to a little bit of streakiness. Also, rubbing in circles might be contributing to the problem. When I apply BP, I smear it around in broad strokes and it absorbs wonderfully with no streaking. If you're having problems around the sides of your face, that probably means that you're getting a thin layer of BP over there, but it's drying before you can rub it in (which means you could be going too slow), so you'll want to use a little more BP there and attend to that area sooner in the application process.

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same here after i run or get sweaty my face goes white streaks all over

im pretty sure my BP gets absorbed so i dont know how to fix this one

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