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Where can u buy Aloe Vera Lotion/Gel????

I've been trying to find Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Facial Moisturizer or lotion or gel.... at Walgreens, Walmart, Jewel-Osco.... but I cant seem to find it. I've read its good for scars and even active pimples too.. biggrin.gif/ Where do you guys get it? Only online????? I've ordered some from an online pharmacy but it wont be delivered till Jan 5, 2004.Uhg!!! :-k

Help huys, I would love to buy some and try it on my red/brown spots(BIG SPOTS!!!!) sad.gif

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I buy the J/A/S/O/N brand from either my local whole foods store or the whole foods section at the supermarket. I'm pretty sure I've seen other brands of aloe vera gel at either the drugstore or supermarket in the first aid section.

Aloe vera gel is very good at healing up the recent acne marks much faster than usual.

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i've been looking for FOTE Aloe vera gel too! no luck though. although i've seen some FOTE stuff carried here in canada. surprisingly.

i saw the j/a/s/o/n brand one though.. i was hoping the ingredients would be similar but they aren't.. :-s

according to FOTE.com, these are the places that carry their products:





American Food Stores


Consolidated Food Stores







Rite Aid

Fred Meyer







Tom Thumb

Longs Drug


g'luck! im trying safeway and GNC next i think..

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Thanksy!!!!! I'm gonna go to Kmart or Target tomorrow.... cant wait for the Aloe vera I ordered online.... I want to put aloe vera on my freakin acne and red marks!!!!! and pray, pray, oh pray [-o< [-o< [-o< that they fade away fast!!!!

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sorry to burst your bubble wondergirl, but it won't be that fast. aloe just helps with healing its still gonna take some time. but i hope it turns out to be a miracle for you! [-o<

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