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Well ill guess ill keep my log too ;-D

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The name´s Diego, 17 years old, started to get acne 8 months ago, i dont live in USA so its hard for me to get the tools that Dan uses

i started the regimen yesterday

this is what im using:

*Neutrogena Cleansing soap (orange kind, its good but i dont know which one is better since cant find another one)

* 2.5% bp cream

*No moisturizer since i dont know whats good (people keep telling me that why do i need a moisturizer since its just gonna cancel out the efect that the bp has and make me brake out more)

2nd day

The white heads that i head are mostrly gone but my face is red and dry (specially around the nose) maybe the moisturizer would help me there???

theres only one big A$$ whitehead on my cheek thats really giving a fight but i guess in a few days it will leave

I wanted to ask anybody (well if u ever see this post) that since i have a lot of red marks from past breakouts i wanted to know what can i put on my face so they will go faster and when do i put it (instead of the moisturizer or after)


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It is imperative that you use a moisturizer from day 1. Get one today and start using it right away.

Just make sure it is oil-free.

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Well thought the log would be done better on a weekly basis

Week 2

I have:

* Neutrogena Deep Cleanser

*2.5 % bp generic tube

*Neutrogena Combination Skin Moisturizer

i have three white heads on my chin (big trouble area) and one on my forehead, all of them are drying up nicely thanks to the bp, and im not too dry cause of the moisturizer, my only problem is the red marks, i have a LOT of them, maybe by next week ill find something that would work, ive been reading everyday gregg_has_acne post on DESTILIN but im not so excited to jump ahead and try it because he says that its turning him into a micheal jackson (i dont wanna be that white, i wanna keep my tropical skin color)

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Week 3

A white head on my chin and one bellow my nose, the bad news is that my old red marks are turning into brown spots, i put a post on the regimen board so if anyone has any ideas on getting rid of them plz post them there, i explain my situation there

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