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Accutane to treat OILY skin!

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Has anyone took accutane only for this??

Im taking this for 4 months and the results are good but my skin is still oily, the pors opened and the affected areas*T zone , a lil bit red irritated.

I dont know what i could try im destroyed, i have this F****g oily skin for 2 years almost.. im 17, and is very very embarassing.

I still have 2 months of accutane.. do you think this treatment will be succesfull after i finish it?

Anyway.. during accutane is much better than before...

Im on 30mlg now... 20 in the morning and 10 in the night.

I also take fish oil(2000mlg) for 3 days!

Is anyone is this situation?

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I think the Fish Oil capsules are being counterproductive. You may want to stop them for a while to see if ceasing the consumption makes a difference in your skin.

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30mg isn't that high a dose, did you start on that, or chatted to the derm to make sure they think thats the best amount that works for you ? Also did the oil get worse after taking the fish oil, or has it been consistant throughout, did it even reduce when you started the accutane ? (If not sounds like the dose maybe isn't that strong enough, also make sure you take with some fat in meal, and probably don't take any supps containing Biotin).

Don't worry too much whatever, there's still options after accutane as well, I'd also try to have a lowish carb, low dairy diet to try and help.

Even after the accutane is over (and it will still work for a month or two after), some oil will come back, but its normally nowhere near as bad as it was before starting the course.

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