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after over a year using bp

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hi all,

just wanted to talk about my change in my regime. I have been doing the cepaphil, bp, moisturise regime for over a year now and have had pretty good results. Prior to the regime my acne was probably very mild generally and moderate around the time of my period.

Since using the regime i only get 1-2 papules around the time of my period,but my skin is for the most part dull and red marks linger forever which was never a problem for me before the reigme.

Just recently i started to have some IPL treatments done by a ethetician, (spell?), for broken capillaries, red marks etc and she suggested, for my skin, the bp may be to damaging for my skin and suggested i try some new products and wean off the bp althogether, which really appeals to me as i believe that bp whilst great for acne, sometimes takes a toll on the overall skin condition. so below is her new outlined regime for me and i was wondering if anyone had any advice or good results from using similar products (they are both australian brands).

thanks heaps


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I am a lot like you I have been on cetaphil, bp and a moisturizer for over a year in a half now and my skin isn't always clear (and sometimes it gets as bad as it was before) but overall I feel better being on the bp then without but my skin is still not used to it. I get really dry, and flakey and tight a lot. I have been hoping to find something else too or at least something I can use part of the time and bp part of the time that way my face wouldn't always have BP.

I have heard good things about glycolic acid but I have never really used it myself. What is innoxa??? I hope this works for you keep us updated please because I too would like an alternative to BP.

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thanks for your response table, i know the feeling about bp i have always used it because i was scared what would happen if i stopped. But before i started the regime i never really worried about my acne just washed my face with water. Then when it started to bother me i got on the internet, found the regime and started to do it. So unlike alot of other people on this board i never really tried anything else before the bp. I never explored any other options until now. In the back of my mind i have always wondered whether there was anything better i could be using for my skin, since i had never been to dermatologist or anything. Innoxa is a brand here in australia, im not sure whether it is where you are. i will certainly keep you updated.

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i cant really help you but just wanted to let you know that Oil of Olay all day complete moisturizure SPF 15 Sensitive Skin is GREATTTTTTT. im guessing spf 30 is great as well since most of olays products are awesome but i dont think thats for sensitive skin..u might want to consider using sensitive skin product if u have acne pron skin

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