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My Acnexus Log

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Well, i read reviews, i've looked at my skin and i decided that i needed to try this!

Now obviously i looked at the ingredients, loads of oils and natural stuff (no BP or SA) and got a little skeptical myself.

But i bought a bottle from ebay for $25 (about £13), got it today (damaged, stuff all squirted out and the pump doesn't work, good start!)

So i thought that i would post a log of my progress with this stuff. I will try to post everyday but i flat out refuse to post pics as i am a vain person. Plus i'm camera shy at the best of times so with my acne flare up it is near impossible to get near me with a camera!

Now i have mostly cystic acne (mild to moderate)and some small spots both on my cheeks.

So the Regimen:

*Acnexus morning and night

*I still do the dip method as i love the results i was getting before. (100 seconds)

*I may spot treat with BP if needed altho i do not know how they will work together.


Used this morning and will use it this evening as well.

Felt like rubbing sand on my face but felt good. Didn't like the smell much!

When washed off i felt the oils still on my skin but my skin felt very soft and moisturised.

Made my make up go on more smoothly as well and stay looking good. Didn't oil up as quickly during the day.

As for the spot front: I liked my old regimen as it seemed to be working. But it's been a day and i've got some very small spots which will go by tomorrow hopefully

My old cysts are healing but i'm not in high spirits. I don't think this is going to work for me

Always the pessimist right.

Anyways questions, comments let me know.

I will update tomorrow

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So..... I didn't use acnexus last night as i was really scared about it making my acne worse!

I'm a wimp so i won't be using this for a while.

Recieved Dans BP and cleanser this morning but i'm going to stick to my current Regimen for a while as it seems to be working.

If i ever decide to use this again i'll carry on with this log. But after one morning use my healing cysts started to get bigger and my skin was super oily by the end of the day.

My current Regimen seems to have helped a lot over night. Sorry guys, i wanted to try this product for you all but failed miserably. :wall:

End Log!

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