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Scar Needling

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Hi. I just sent an email updating my success with scar needling to one of my contacts and thought I'd copy it to this board as well.


I haven't logged onto this site for a long time so I hope you'll still be checking for responses re needling.

I had my second session just yesterday and I look like a pin cushion today. I had the first session in January (I think) and I've had an excellent response to the procedure. I had lot of small scars and some smile lines at the corners of my eyes as well as 2 lines over my eyebrows. They look so much better - I can't believe how much they've filled in. The procedure not only breaks down the bands of scar tissue but also stimulates collagen so I am more than pleased! I don't think I need any more treatments on the acne scars but might have one more go at the lines above my eyebrows.

I highly recommend this procedure. I should mention that I spent quite a lot on IPL and other lasers and although my skin looked nicer, it did absolutely nothing for the scars.

Good luck.


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Thanks for the update Ashie. What type of scars did you have? And please do keep us updated with your success. I love to hear somebody that is making progress with their scars. It gives me hope.

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Hi Katiekat...

I'm not sure how to describe the scars I have - there are so many on my chin especially - some are saucer-type depressions and others are little dents - not deep icepick scars but sharply indented. I've also got a few that are perfectly round like huge pores. (doesn't all of that sound awful?)

Anyway, today the redness has gone down a lot - this is Day 4 and by the weekend I'll be able to go out and cover up the redness. I think I could actually go out right now, but I've been told to keep the needle marks covered with antibiotic ointment to keep them moist so they won't scab over so makeup is out of the question.

I'll let you know what they look like in a month - I'll post my results here. I had just about given up on EVER having any improvement to my scars as I've tried every treatment there is. The first treatment I had in January actually caused the scars to soften and partially fill in. Lisa (the specialist) told me that the success of the procedure depends on how much collagen you can produce to react to the stimulation and trauma, so a really good diet is important - lots of vitamin C, multi-vitamins, bromelain helps, and a vitamin C serum plus retin A or tazorac are really helpful.



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Besides the vitamin's and topical's, is there anything else that can help you produce collagen? I've read somewhere on here about TNS recovery. Does anybody know if this works? I read this site by Dr. Seckel that has mention it also. He says it a good product to use along with c.p. after treatments.

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