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I am grateful for A LOT, but I resent that...

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the TOTAL eradication of ACNE SCARS is by far, the most resistant cosmetic challenge there is. I mean, people can get face lifts, hair transplants, new teeth and the like and it's all relatively easy and pretty effective. But our quest for scar-free skin is a LONG and ARDUOUS battle that never seems to end. I would bet a lot that most people who have those other procedures done are, as a whole, far more satisfied with their results than those of us who are constantly chasing down the dream of having scar-free skin. Here's hoping that all will change in the next couple of years for us.

I, for one, am getting TIRED of all the endless products and protocols! IT NEVER SEEMS TO END...

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i totally relate to what you're saying.. Being a male i find it some what feminen that i use all these facial products..haha.. But ohh well..Whatever i need to do i will do.. Im not even in the quest for perfect skin, just decent skin.. And the sad thing about it is.. I feel as though no matter how much my skin my improve over time i may never be satisfied.. For ever imperfection on my face seems to be magnatized by 100 fold..

What makes it even harder is not knowing what you look like to other people.. Do people see the same things on my face that i see myself?

This entire facial rejuvination process is simply too damn frustrating..

But my faith shall lead me forward..

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I absolutely agree with you. It does get tiresome to be constantly reading, researching, and trying all of these products/procedures which seem to have little and/or temporary effects compared to all that we do and spend. It's exhausing!

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I can relate to this as well. The worst thing is that there are so many unscrupulous people out there who are trying to cheat us, promising us the moon, and then let us down. They can take advantage of us because we are vulnerable and shall I say, desperate, in our quest for a better/clear complexion. This adds to the disappointment. Sigh, I wish I had a good gene, but who doesn't. Those with clear complexion should be very very thankful.

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At least the person initially chose to get the tattoo..I never deliberately chose to get acne.

I really am sick of this too. I am so depressed. I really haven't left the house since November. I can't even get treatment because no one can diagnose my damn chin/nose disease. I'm seriously at my breaking point.

To make matters worse, I'm unemployed and can't find a job--I do leave the house to go on interviews(I have no choice).I have no money and don't think I'll be able to afford my topicals--my antibiotics are WAY unaffordable and I have one pill left.

I really can't wear makeup, because they all seem to break me out. I'm sick of people looking at my skin and seeing the horror and pity on their faces. My scars aren't that bad--they're pretty shallow, but there are a lot of them. My chin and nose bumps make me look really bad--if they were gone, I'd look okay. I'm not exaggerating when I say I look like I have a disease. That was the first thing I said to myself when I got them a few years ago. I never looked like I had a disease when I had regular acne.Now, after doing research, I'm afraid I may have a disease. It's called cowden's disease. I'm not going to list the symptoms, but it's skin characteristic is bumps only around the nose and chin. It's a rare disease which would explain why no one can diagnose me--they've never seen it.I also have some of the other symptoms. It's so depressing.

Sorry for the long post if you're still reading.

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hang in there emmanuel and good luck finding a job...

this whole "pursuit" could be darn frustrating. sometimes i feel so hopeful bout the possibilities but there are times when i wish i could just cease thinking about my skin for a change. id like to be able to transcend to other things like having fun or doing charity or whatever as long as i wont be worried bout my skin. i wonder how it feels like to live life without the worry of skin problems always at the back of my head.

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Thanks for the support smile.gif

I know what you mean about working for a charity, etc. I have even thought about joining the peacecorps. Talk about forgettng about your skin. You'd be around people who can't even get food, regular meds, water, etc. I always kind of wanted to do it(even before my skin condition).

I would LOVE to not have to think about my skin. It would be great. I think we all are striving for that. I hope we get our wish.

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That's strange. I've been seriously contemplating the peace corps recently. I've had the same thoughts that you've had, I wouldn't be worried about my skin. However, I don't know if I could handle it. I'm not much of an outdoors person. I wonder how difficult it would be.

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I think it would be very difficult. The living conditions would be harsh.Not to mention you'd see a lot of people suffering. However, I think it would be a very rewarding experience. You would definately come back a different person with a different perspective on life and the world.

I don't think it's for everyone, but I guess you never know if you can handle it until you try it--kind of like the Army without the boot camp, and not being considered AWOL and court martialed if you want to leave.

They have a web site where you can get information. There is also something called Americorps which is domestic(Peacecorps is international).

I don't know if I could handle the bugs--silly I know, but I hate them! Typical female in that respect smile.gif

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Cubsfan,have u had a tattoo removed because i have.It isn't harder to remove a tattoo than a acne scar,more the opposite.

I had them removed with laser and there isn't any scars left over from where the tattoos were.

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i personally think the technology to repair the human body is far far behind compared to the technology to destroy the human body. there's so many ways to kill a man, but not nearly as many ways to repair a man, it's kinda sad sad.gif. if the technolog to repair the human body was as great as the technology to destroy it... we'd prolly been freed of acne scars (or any scars for that matter) decades ago...

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Boy do I identify with all of you.

Why is it soo dam hard to fix ACNE scars and pigmentation problems that result form ACNE/SHAVING/INFLAMATION....ETC....

I mean people get leg/kidney/heart transplants which are all more serious and difficult and expensive. People have even successfully have their fingers/arms re-attacjed after accidents.

Compared to so many other medical problems like cancer and organ transplats, ACNE and ACNE Scars is realtively mild in my opinion. So why isn't there better and more effective treatments for our problems. I am not asking for a whole new face or body or to be taller etc.....,

All I ask is to have the skin I used to have about 8 years ago. All I ask is for clear skin. I am not that old.Am 27 going to be 28 pretty soon

All I ask is to get rid of my scars and pigmentation problems and to improve skin texture.

Why can't I find a dermatologist/ doctor who will spend time listening to my problems and explain and go over all the solutions instead of prescribing just 1 topical med which doesn't even address the main problem.

When I had the appointment to the dermatologist, I was exstatic and was counting the days to see him. After seeing him, I was even more depressed because he was not encouraging.

Why can't doctors realise that to some of us facial problems are as serious as having cancer.

This will sound weird to some of you but If I was given a choice between having good skin or living 20 years longer, I would pick Good skin.

I have spent almost 1800 on treatments, and my skin is much worser.

Every ACNE treatment takes so long to notice a change. I don't have any time to lose. How do I know what is right for me.

How do I know who is the best Dermatologist.

What Irks me most is the attitude of medical pros who brush away my concerns and don't take my problems seriously.

I have gone out about 15 times in the last 4 months. All I do is sleep at home. I have no enthuasism for anything. Whats worse is that not being on a treatment and watching the days just fly by.

If I was on a treatment plan, I would be moderately happy, knowing that something is being done.


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Yeah I agree, If I had to choose 20 choose 20 years off my life for perfect skin I would do it. I do not know why I am cursed with this horrible disease. The weird thing is I had perfect skin up until, I was 26 years old. I did absolutely nothing to get it either. No special soaps, or medicine. I am now 28 years old and it has been an ongoing battle. For about the past 4 or 5 months I have been a recluse since my skin has been the worse. Another weird thing is also, now I have a job where appeareance is very important. I'm constantly in peoples face all the time b.sing and brown nosing. My previous job when my skin was normal, I just sat behind a desk and played like I was busy. Sometimes I just think, "What am I being punished for???" Anyway this sucks, I want my old face back I was a very handsome dude. I've noticed now I look at either peoples skin alot more, to try and notice perfections and imperfections. Like I was watching ESPN and noticed Kobe Bryant had flawless skin, then I saw Billy Bob Thorton had a few scars. I never did this before.. Anyway this really sucks.

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