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Hatch marks from excision as well as indentation

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Happy holidays everyone.

I have a dilemma and I was hoping I could get feeedback from people regarding my situation on what they think will help - from experience.

Over 3 years ago, I had excision performed on a raised scar right on the center on my nose. This was left from a huge acne cyst and so I thought excision would improve the appearance of the scar. Now, years later, I am left with a white, indented, discolored scar, with raised borders and hatch marks from the stitches. Needless to say, this was not what I imagined the results to be! #-o

So, I'm working with a few problems here. The redness I hope to combat with Pulse Dye Laser. The indentation I'm using Smoothbeam to try and raise the indentation. The whiteness (when the scar is not red, it's white) I'm thinking about the Relume laser to regenerate pigmenation.

Now, for the hatch marks and raised borders, I'm thinking of getting microdermabrasion but I don't know if it will improve my situation. What do you think? Also, can I use a home microderm kit - if so which do you recommend? From what I've read on this board, I would need to get like 10 microderms to see any results. 10 visits with a professional is a heck of a lot of money!

Please read my plan of action and provide any suggestions. I'm getting married in June and this scar on my nose has gotten me so depressed as my wedding date nears!

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hi maybe you lack the second layer stich, thats why your scars become indented...Sometimes w/o the second layer stich(first layer) scar become widen after many months, there is also a tendency that sacr will be indented coz no support at the dermis or fat layer

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hi i am now in the province..I have research a drawing from the internet about scar revision(2nd layer stich)..I will post pictures here next year if i go to the capital city...

Well my plastic surgeon told me that after excision on a 2 layer stich(coz if only a single layer it will become indented coz no support from dermis and fat)...This doctor told me that after surgery, you must place a surgical tape in your scars for 3 to 4 weeks so that scar from the outside stich will not widen...

Without the help of surgical tape your scars withen coz you talk, laugh, etc.., face has many movements...

I donno your problem better talk to the plastic surgeon..Note not all plastic surgeon perform a 2nd layer stich...If one surgeon suggest a single layer then go to another doctor who performs a 2nd layer stich...Single layer stich is dangerous coz there is a tendency stiches will reopen(coz you have many movements in face)...With the second layer reopen from the 1st layer is very rare...

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hi lonelyman, thanks! i also think the nose has certain complications and is a very hard area to perform excisions and anything surgical. i'm getting married in 6 months and can't peform anything major on the area.

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