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jan marini bioglycolic cleanser

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does anyone use it?

i ordered mine this past weekend and i was expecting it to sting and burn but it doesn't burn at all and i'm beginning to think that there's either something wrong with the cleanser or there's something wrong with me and the way i'm applying it.

i feel like it's not even cleaning my face

i apply it on a dry face too which is how you're supposed to put it on.. or so i've heard

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I've been using this cleanser for about a year. It was recommended to me when I went to a clinic about treatments for getting rid of my red marks - the woman said they 'weren't that bad' and it turned out I couldn't actually afford any of their treatments then, so she suggested I buy one of those and see if I'm happy with the results just from that.

I have to say, I was extremely sceptical but after a while of using it I think it made quite a big improvement. Well not MASSIVE, because by the time I started using it my acne wasn't as bad as it used to be, but this definitely seemed to help with keeping my skin clearer and less free of marks. Not saying it works miracles, but I definitely think it's something worth trying for a lot of people.

I intend to keep on using this, it's one of my 'must have' items - one of the few that actually makes some kind of difference to me anyway. The way I put it on is put a blob on my dry fingertips, then rub it around my face (while dry) for a bit, avoiding eyes, then add a little bit of water, rub it in more, then rinse off thoroughly. My face usually feels nice and clean, and fresh afterwards, you definitely need to mix in a bit of water at some point.

Definitely a really good product IMO. Shame about the price but you can get it cheap on eBay (a lot cheaper than RRP if you're lucky). Don't expect miracles or instant results though, but I love it.

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