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Pattie B

Givin' this a try (with pictures)

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OK ... first, I'd like to say that I'm really, really new to this (forum posting in general, let alone posting about something so personal/sensitive) so please be nice. :)

So I'm 22 years old and I still am getting acne. What gives? Well, that isn't entirely true -- I had problems with acne as a teenager, especially around my T-zone. It subsided around the age of 18 and I had problem spots, but nothing a little foundation couldn't easily conceal.

Since Christmas 2006 though, the acne seems to have resurfaced. The only thing that has really changed which I could think of that could cause this is that I started back on hormonal birth control again (the Nuva Ring). I think my acne may tend to be hormonal, since it's absolutely terrible right before my period, but lately it doesn't seem to clear up between cycles.

I was using the Oil Cleansing Method for awhile, which didn't seem to help at all but I don't think it really hurt, either. When I went off it, though my face really exploded! Bopping around on LiveJournal looking for another answer is how I ended up on this site


I started DKR about 17 days ago. I was hesitant to start a log before this, but now iss better than never, so here goes:



That's 2.5 weeks. I can't tell if it's any better than before, but I don't think that it's dramatically worse.

My regimen


-- wash in the shower with cetaphil

-- one finger of bp (same amount for the past week or so) - neutrogena on the spot

-- very generous amounts of aveeno ultra calming moisturizer


-- gently wash with cetaphil

-- one and a half fingers bp (stepped up on Saturday, the two-week mark)

-- very generous amounts of moisturizer

The only really changes that I've noticed over the past few weeks is that my skin doesn't react to the bp nearly as badly as it used to. At first it stung A LOT, even though I was using a little bit, and it made my skin super red (I got these freaky under-eye circles). Now the redness is almost gone and so is the flakiness, so I've stepped up the bp and I'll see if it gets better like people say.

I do have a question, though: Sometimes when I'm putting the bp on, it JUST WONT ABSORB ALL THE WAY. I'll rub super gently and some of it just ends up kinda rubbing off, like little rubbery eraser ends.

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