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Is it ok to use Vaseline after applying moisturiser for dryness?

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I was wondering if its ok to use vaseline for dryness after i have applied moisturiser, just as an extra?? I have tried to find Jojoba Oil in England but Hollands & Barretts had run out (and don't get the stock that often) im in desperate need as i am getting v. dry skin!!! Anyone know where i can get Jojoba oil from apart from h&b's?

Also, another question. When using the copious amounts of BP i find in the mornings when i wake up i have a few tiny whiteheads... anyone else get this? I am currently into my second week of the regimen.

Anyhoo, thanks guys.

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You'll probably get mixed views on it. Some will say the vaseline will break you out while others will say it won't. As far as using it as yr only moisturizer, I wouldn't. It's good at keeping moisture in yr skin and acting as a barrier, but it's not usually that great at adding moisture. The molecules of it are to big to enter deep in the skin. And the whiteheads are normal during the begining.

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Guest WhiteWater

Vaseline is perfectly safe, IT IS NOT COMEDOGENIC!

Alone it is beneficial for acne.


Kligman who did the study above is one of the most famous derms in the world!

It is especially good for flaky aspect of BP, better than Jojoba oil IMO!

Trick is to use very little after skin is damp, or just use at night.

It helps restore barrier integrity as well, a secondary problem all acne sufferers have which causes infections to recurr.

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