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one month until....help asap please!

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hey everyone....

I recently made a post a few weeks ago, because I wasn't 100% clear. The past month, of april, I've been battling mild breakouts...and I'm not sure why.

I would say I'm probably 80% clear. In my previous forum, there was advice about my moisturizer, and cleanser. etc etc.

I tried the Cetaphil Moisturizing lotion, and I personally find it hard to apply, and quite greesy. I don't like the feeling of it, after it's applied and it doesn't take care of my redness or flakeyness.

I have used the following moisturizer for years, and I've had success with it. but I have to add it when my fingers are wet because it's hard to spread otherwise.


can someone look up the ingredients, on the the above tell me if there's anything in there that's preventing me from being 100% clear??????

I have a VERY important event coming up June 1 / 07, and I need to have 2 major issues addressed.

1) would like to be clearer, 90 - 100% clear.

2) stop the horrible redness and flaking of my neck and face......I feel like a cooked prawn.


I've been following the regiment to the T.

I've reviewed the videos, instructions, directions, etc etc.

I've also been a regimen user since 2004.



- shower

- shave

- wash with Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser

- wait 2 minutes

- Apply finger of BP to entire face and massage for 3 - 5 minutes

- wait 5 - 8 minutes and then moisturize with the above.


Same as above!

As much input as possible would be greatly appreciated. It would mean a lot, constructive input, as I only have 1 month to achieve the best as possible here....so I can't be ordering crap, and etc etc. I need to use what's available at a pharmacy, and what I have on hand.

Thank you.

Your help is appreciated.


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Here is an ingredient list of the most common comedogenic ingredients in cosmetics. http://www.acneinformation.org/17.html

Your moisturizer is in a little jar, which makes me think it is a cream. Creams can often be too thick for acne prone skin. You may need to look into a lotion. One that is oil-free and non-comedogenic.

Also, I noticed you are using Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser. That one did not work for my oily skin, so in my opinion, if you have oily skin, maybe try the other version of Cetaphil for normal-to-oily skin.

And make sure you are using one full FAT thick finger of BP. Make sure you aren't skimping. I know that won't help with your redness and flakiness though.

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Dans cleanser and aveeno daily moisturizing lotion


Dans cleanser and Proactive refining mask

Dont overwash your face. Just leave it alone. Try that for atleast 2 weeks and you will see results. Only wash 2 times a day

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You might want to look into jojoba oil (I personally like applying a few drops after I've washed my face, but some people mix it right into the moisturizer, you can get it at Trader Joe's and natural food/health stores) and one of the Complex 15 moisturizers (either the face cream or the lotion are fine) for improved moisturizing. Complex 15 is a great basic moisturizer, probably one of the least problematic ones for people on the regimen, it got me through the dry winter months. You can get it at CVS stores or online, it goes on matte but does a great job of controlling flakiness, very soothing, runs out kind of quickly though. If you're still having redness and flaking problems and have been on the regimen for two years, I think that's a sign that either your moisturizer just isn't cutting it or you're using too much BP. If you're still breaking out and are really used to BP, though, it's probably not the latter, so I think changing the moisturizer and/or adding jojoba oil is the way to go. You might try using a bit more BP while you're upping the moisturization, too, to take care of the extra breakouts.

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