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my life long battle

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well, a quick search of my posts and you will find my history..... 3 goes with "tane"

i got my GP to give me accutane so i could dose it 40mg EOD....clear as a whistle...

he must of had second thoughts, sent me to a new derm, she goes "you look gr8, stop the tane so i can see you at your worst" NICE...ill make my long story short..

well, its been 3 weeks face not so bad. but for the past 3 yrs?? my scalp is UNBELIEVABLE....i bet thousand of those little bastards in there, what the hell??? i really hate it too, 'cause i like to keep my head shaven but NO WAY can i the shape my scalps in...if i started the tane again... end of the week it would start to clear up!!

im in the process of getting on HRT, i have low testosterone levels, and what i believe to be high estrogen levels, and DHT....which could account for my thinning hair and acne?

im willing to bet once my test levels go up, my acne starts to clear.... i found this when i "supplemented" on my own years ago....weird

i do notice, that in these 3 weeks my stomach feels much better, easier to "go" as it were..

so, if the HRT doesnt clear me up, im thinking 10 or 20mg every other day for the rest of my life....maybe with a 2 or 3 month break here and there.....

is anyone here on such a regimen, and what do you think of my low testosterone theory? i think it just helps cope with stress, and general better feeling..


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well....im going to my doctor tomorrow... have been researching like mad...

turns out i am not only hypogonadal, but possibly hyperthyroidism....BASICALLY HYPOPITUITARY.....


Our endocrine system is indeed a delicate system...


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