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switching from on the spot - dkr bp

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I just switched and dkr bp takes longer to rub in but does not leave any white marks also i was wondering if any of the ingredients in dkr bp that are no in neutrogena on the spot could cause me to break out and i was wondering how long i would have to wait to see a difference in the 2

I am mostly cleare now went from moderate acne to an infrequent pimple here and there and i am asking these questions becasue i do not want ruin all the work i have put in clearing my skin

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Dan's gel is wonderful, there isn't anything in there to clog pores.

As for how long until you notice a difference between the two, well, you may or may not if you are already mostly clear. They are both 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. So, you should just continue to clear up. Very rarely someone might get an initial small breakout upon switching products, but this doesn't happen very often and when it does it usually clears within a week or so. The following quote I took from www.danielkern.com in regard to the BP gel:

Daniel Kern's Regimen Gel is a pharmaceutical grade product. Our manufacturer triple mills the highest quality benzoyl peroxide available to ensure extra fine raw material. This is why you won't find grittiness in Daniel Kern's Regimen Gel like you often do in other benzoyl peroxide meds. When applied to the skin, this produces smaller particles of benzoyl peroxide which penetrate more deeply into the skin.

A few people have reported that they have broken out upon switching to Daniel Kern's Regimen Gel. Although this is not common, there is an explanation for those of you who may experience it. It could be the result of the smaller particles of benzoyl peroxide reaching deeper down into the skin and attacking the acne that is still well below the surface. This acne is destined to reach the surface at some point. However, a pharmaceutical grade benzoyl peroxide can act as a metabolic accelerator, bringing this acne to the surface. The good news is that after this initial breakout that some people may experience, you can look for your skin to stay clearer with a pharmaceutical grade benzoyl peroxide medication. With each application it will be penetrating more deeply and preventing acne from forming. I have personally never been clearer since switching.

Good luck!

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youll probably see an improvement, when i made that switch my skin got extremely better and it was just overall looking a lot healthier, good luck.

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