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anyone know what time of day is best to take zinc?

i mean should i take it when i wake up on an empty stomach.. after meal? etc...

i got my zinc in 25mg pills, so i pop 2 a day

any ideas? thanks guys

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I would not take it on an empty stomach. Many people get bad stomach cramps and nausea from taking it on an empty stomach. There have been times that I have had to pull over to the side of the road because I felt so nauseated from zinc. Take it on a full stomach to be safe.

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really njacobs? that's so strange. so many people get nauseated from zinc.

ok the truth is the BEST time to take it is at night before bed on an empty stomach. that is, if you can handle it. luckily it doesn't make me nausated at all, so when i take it i just take it right before i get in bed.

the reason why this is best is because certain vitamins and minerals compete for absorption with zinc. some of those are calcium and copper.

if you eat a meal with say, a lot of calcium, chances are you're not going to absorb the zinc very well. and not just milk and cheese have calcium, lots of other stuff like bread has it as well.

but if it makes you sick taking it alone i guess you don't have much choice then.

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