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i got my script for amnesteem now..

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i just have a few questions that ik i should of asked my derm while i was in there but when you wait 2 years to get this stuff and you get the chance you just cant think right but...

is the accutane taking two times a day cus she didnt say anything about how many times and im shure it will say on my perscritpion sheet when i go pick it up from the pharmacy but if anyone can tell me how many times you take it thatd be great.

and also my derm started me out on a 20mg dose for the first month she said that was a half dose cus thats what most derms do is start ther patients on half and i weigh 140 lb soo does that sound right?

and when does the oil usally stop or decrease?

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The reason u get started on half is becoz the derm wants to see if u get any of the bad side effects? Thats what I've come to believe anyway. I'm guessing they wouldn't bother with people who've done a previous course, as wouldn't the patient not want to either.

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you're supposed to take one pill with breakfast and one with dinner.

im about 140 pounds and i got prescribed 80 mg a day, but that's on the high side...i trust my derm though since he's worked with accutane for over 30 years

i've started a little less then 2 weeks ago and although i think i see a slight reduction of oil i'm still pretty oily...my nose and lips are dry though but not bad. just make sure to use lip balm like dr dan's cortibalm.

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^ That's not true. The TC was prescribed 20 mg. If he got a box of 20 mg pills, that means one pill a day.

You never have to take it twice a day anyway. EVen if he got 10 mg pills for some reason, two would be taken at once instead of spread out. Spacing the doses is pointless. Accutane has a half-life of like 15 days, not 4 hours.

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well, my prescription the derm wrote up said "40 mg", which meant i was being prescribed 40 mg tablets. since you're supposed to take two accutane pills a day unless your doctor says otherwise, this means i was prescribed 80 mg a day. i was a little bit confused after receiving two boxes of 40 mg tablets from the pharmacy after just seeing 40 mg on the prescription, but when i called the derm he confirmed that i was supposed to take one 40 mg in the morning and one at night. jdean you should call your doctor and find out if he/she meant 20 mg for the day or 40 mg to make sure....docs might prescribe differently.

and i don't see any reason not to space out the accutane and take it twice a day besides pure laziness. from the Accutane medication guide:

"Take Accutane 2 times a day with a meal, unless your doctor tells you otherwise."

"If you miss a dose, skip that dose. DO NOT take 2 doses at the same time."

maybe it doesn't make a difference, but why even chance it? why blatanly go against what the medication guide tells you to do if you don't have to?

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yeah my derm wrote out 20mg as a half dose for the first month and i was unsure if i had to take it only once or twice perday and my mom said when we piced it up from the pharmacy it would say on the box and it said take two per day but oh well

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