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(ok, acutally i did about 3 weeks ago- IHH- i know, but i've been so busy!)

I thank God literally everyday for the way my skin is now, everyday no doubt and its humbled me in more ways than i thought.

The only problem now is that my hair is falling out, a whole lot! And i HAD NO SIDE effects other than dry skin on a 5 month 80 dossage course.

My derm said to take prenatal vitamins for about 2 months then, if that doesnt work to come in for testing.

Anyways, to all of you

TIME keeps moving and stops for no one!!! This too shall pass!

Image 1

This was my skin about a year or so ago, last June

Image 2

This is when DIFFERN GEL BECAME MY ENEMY. I'm allergic to WHATEVER the hell is in it! I read labels but its a mystery. It destroyed my skin. The other side is just as worse and actually, my skin became worse, MUCH WORSE. But i prefer that it stay a private matter. I took pictures every few days and i have them to see. I dont know if i'll post them all on here, maybe.

Images 3 & 4

This is my skin with slight tint blush ONLY. My myspace page has a few new ones with make up and such. I will LET ANYONE get in my face- OK you know what i mean- lol. For real, my skin, for the first time is beautiful!









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WOW ur results are fantastic! ur skin is beautiful... as are you!!

i am really thinking of getting accutane soon too.... i am just afraid of the side effects! i know some ppl get lucky and get no side effects tho....

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You're gorgeous! ANd you have NO scars??? Beautiful skin.

Oh BTW, i'm a month done with mine. And i'm also still shedding, but not as much as before. Someone here mentioned that your hair becomes normal up to 6 months.

I'm double dosing on Biotin. I feel unattractive with this little bit of hair. :(

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it seems like no one scars but me....your skin is like you never had acne!!!!!!!!!!! why cant my skin do that. hopefully my skin will look better and maybe scars less conspicuous when im done with accutane...

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Thank you all very much, YEAH my hair is the size of one pony tail if i did two before.

-For the 2 months question, she said that if the high dosage of biotin or prenatal vitamins didnt work or see improvement, i should come in for some tests and to really see. She just thinks its a vitamin deficiantcy etc.

-I do have some small scars on my cheeks, but i'm using MD Cleanser at night and it helps a whole lot, plus my skin is still fragile.

-The redmarks i still have tiny tiny pink ones, you cant tell really unless you are .004 inches away.

To fade.......ummmm about a month or so, every once in awhile i'd use a generic sea scrub from a brand called H20 Plus, also the sun started to shine more where i live (Texas) so that helped.


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