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Just lost all the respect I had for derms...

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I just finally got my mom to call for a derm appointement. My acne has been getting like it used to be. When she called, she called back and told me he said "To start re-taking what he gave me" I said "Well, it didn't work, thats exactly why I want to go back. Now, cause of that fuckhead, I aint gonna get any help from anyone. If she does take me back and thats all he said im gonna suck that mutherfucker right in the goddamn mouth.

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well i unfortunately let the derm screw me over and i am paying for it.

since this was not 10 years ago (like in my situation) get right back on it and get a decent derm, hurry man time is of the essence!

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I know how you feel. I went to a dermatologist in october for a cyst on my cheek. He gave me a shot of cortisone and then it exploded into this huge abscess that kept getting bigger and bigger because he refused to see me! Then when I saw him the next week he wanted to give me accutane. I have fairly clear skin and this was just an infection that got out of control. Now I'm still dealing with the scars that I got from it.

Seriously, if I were you I would do some research on what medications you think would be right for you and then go to your GP and say, "give me this." That's what I did. Unless you're asking for accutane or a serious drug, he should give it to you no problem. Dermatologists are full of shit and I would NEVER go see another one unless my GP told me I had to because he couldn't treat it.

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