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Make-up and the derm office

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Right now I am wearing Colorstay, which as it states in the name STAYS put. I have a derm appt next Tuesday and want her to really see my acne BUT I don't want anyone else to see. Do you think a baby wipe would take off the make-up well enough for her to really see my skin. I hate to have to take my whole regimen of cleansing products in the office, especially when I am using bar soap, just to be seen :lol: But no way in hell am I getting caught anywhere else without my make-up. (I will be leaving from work and returning to work from my appt)

What do you do about make-up for your appts?

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you shouldn't wear makeup to see a derm. I know it's tough but you'll need to wash your face before hand and then give yourself enough time to reapply your makeup before work.

Not sure about the baby wipe thing, maybe give it a test try at home first or even talk to your derm, that you're too embarrassed to go outside without makeup.

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take your make-up with you and apply in the room after your appointment; don't go with make-up though. (i know it's tough, but you can do it!)

edit: i just re-read your post and noticed that you said you were going to the derm from work and then returning to work. i don't know if a baby wipe will cut it, but you'll want to use something at the derm's that will remove your make-up for the appointment, or maybe you can reschedule to early morning? when i go, i schedule it for first thing in the morning, so i can go after i wash my face but before i put on my make-up for work. good luck!

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you could always bring with you some of the ponds sensitive skin makeup removers....or ask them for something to remove your makeup... one plus, but also a minus.. is the rubbing of your skin, generally tends to make it more red... which could always be beneficial to show to your derm how red you feel... or how you think you look...

i don't wear makeup anymore..in general,.. i just don't have the time in the mornings to do it.. so just put on sunscreen, and go to school. I've learned not to care anymore.. but at my derms office, they always ask me if I've got on makeup because "the doc wants to see your skin"...lol so they always give me something to take it off with....

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I would always make my appts for first thing in the morning. I'd bring my makeup bag to the derm's office and then spend a few minutes in the ladies room right afterwards. You should get some Pond's Clean Sweep make-up removing wipes. Unless you're wearing stage makeup then those wipes should take care of it. Then you can re-apply after the appt.

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Bring some makeup remover pads or makeup remover for specifically removing a long wearing makeup.....not all makeup removers will work, especially water based ones. I think Revlon still makes a Colorstay makeup remover.

Remove it right before your appointment....maybe in the derms bathroom while you're waiting. Your skin will actually look worse because of the chemical and mechanical irritation of actually rmeoving the makeup. Trust me I make makeup for a living and I knwo what it's like to constanly have to apply and remove makeup....and what your skin look like afterward. It's great if you're looking for a prescritpion that really works.......

Afterward rinse your face with some water in the bathroom.....bring your moisturizer if you use one, and use it before you put your makeup back on. The makeup remover can strip your skin when it removes the makeup (hence the reddnes you might experience)......

Good luck...

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