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Have an appt w/ my derm next Tuesday

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I am giving up on the OTC only route for treatment. I can keep the blackheads & whiteheads under control with OTC stuff but not these darned cysts.

I think I want azeleic acid, to help with the red spots and prevent breakouts...the reviews seem good on here.

Which do you think would be better for my mild to moderate cystic acne (right now I have 2 cysts on my left cheek, one small cyst on my right cheek, one on each side of my nose by my eyes, and one huge one starting on my chin) adapalene or azeleic acid? Oral meds are pretty much out of the question.

Things I have tried within the last year:

red/blue light therapy (helped with blackheads and whiteheads but not cysts :( )

DIP method (didnt' work at all)

Goats Milk Regimen (didn't work at all)

My current regimen is in my siggy and is helping with blackheads and whiteheads (virtually gone) just not with the cysts.

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I just went and seen my derm for the second time and she prescribed me benzaclin. the stuff works great you just have to remember not to use too much and cake on alot of moisturizer because it will dry out your skin. since you have cystic acne they might prescribe you some type of oral treatment rather it be doxy or some other pill.

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i think you can probably use the differin and finacea, i see np reason why she wouldn't let you use both, you should probably try an antibiotic too. topicals alone will probably not help the cysts.

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