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What is a good method to using oxy cleanser/pads

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I'm brand new to trying acne cleansers. I have a pack of oxy chill factor (cleanser lotion + pads). my question is, whats the best method to use them? Should I start with the cleanser first or the pads. My acne is very noticeable. Patched over my nose, between my eyebrows and my chin. Its mostly red blemishes. The directions on the package say to use 1 pad per day but I'm not sure whether to rinse it off afterwards or keep it on lol. So what is the best steps to using such a product? I'm more curious about whether I wash my face with water after I use either pad or cleanser first.

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Use the cleansing lotion then the pads :)

however, im assuming their abrasive pads? dont rub your face with the pads, just dab the pad on your face to transfer the solution from teh pad to your skin.

however, the oxy range of pads arnt very good, as they only contain SA, i use the clearasil pads which contain hydrogen peroxide and SA, hydrogen peroxide works in a smiliar way to BP.

just without the dryness :)

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I've actually used the that Oxy Chill Factor, as well as the regular one. I've used the vanishing cream as well. But I havent used the pads. Once you wash your face with the wash, you should be fine. I'd use the pad like mid-day between washes. It'll probably be refreshing and get rid of some oil and hold you over until you wash again at night. I actually really like this product, but I stopped using it in the winter, because it was drying me out. But now with summer coming around I'm gonna start using it again

And oh yeah, don't rinse after you use the pads!

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