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Firstly I'll start off with saying I came across this site 2 years or so ago and read the regime, the only thing I could find with BP in it was this acne cream by Clean & Clear I think..stupid me didn't read the directions on the tube and just followed what was said here. This stuff did not absorb fully into my skin and when I woke up I still had a greasy face, for a few days afterwards I had red and really itchy skin although I found it worked like a nuke bomb and cleared my face somewhat for a week or two lol. Anyway turns out you're supposed to put it on wet skin and leave it on for like 10seconds and then wash it off, however I found the best results were when I left it on for a few minutes instead. Well I never found that it cleared me up completely, most things tend to help at first but then my zits morph and become resistant or something...but I did find it was a good spot treatment, when I felt one of those deep zits starting to grow I'd put a dab on it at night and within a day or two it would bring it to head.

Anyway here I am again trying to get rid of acne, I've started seeing a new doctor and this one actually gave me a refural to a dermatologist, as well as put me on the pill (I'm on that for it's intended use, but hoping it helps the acne too). So the derm said the problem with my acne is it's the type to leave scars, which are going to affect how I look for life and because I also get some on my back/shoulders he recommended Accutane. Now I read about that before and was put off by fear of how it might harm my body (hence why you need bloodtests to monitor that). However I'm planning a trip to Europe for a couple months this summer and therefore can't be monitored.

SO, (sorry for taking so long to get to the point lol) what he did prescribe me is Vitamin A acid cream (tretinoin 0.05%) and tetracycline. So currently I am on Alesse, 2 250mg capsules of tetracycline and the cream each day. I came across this site again while doing a search for a moisturizer that Accutane users use (figured they must have a good one with how drying that product is) because the cream is a bit drying too and I find mine isn't working good enough, which is L'Oreal Happyderm. Well after reading all the success stories I was starting to wish I had just done this DKR thing but I've only been using the tetracycline and cream for only 5 days so I'll just continue with that for now (the vitamin A is supposed to be effective from what I read). However I watched Dan's videos and did learn a better way of washing and medicating my face, before I was using a face cloth thinking that it would help expholiate in a way by taking dead skin off and I also wasn't being as gentle with the cleanser, cream and moisturizer applications (and putting moisturizer on too soon I think).

Right, so the regime is I take the capsules sometime in the evening after I've had dinner (you have to wait 2hrs after eating or 1hr before to take it=empty stomach), then a couple hours before bed I wash my face with Cetaphil cleanser, wait 10min and then apply a thin layer of the vitamin A cream (skin has to be dry) all over my face and a bit past the jawline where I tend to get cysts and also on my back as best I can, lastly the moisturizer on face only...and the Alesse before sleep. Sometimes I'll put a dab of polysporin on a scab. Oh, I came across a thread about Sudocrem which many people seem to be having good results with, because I'm fair skinned the red on my face is noticeable and the red spots left over on face and back from previous zits makes it look like I have more than I really do...so hopefully that product helps.

Well that turned out longer than I thought, any comments on others using what I am is appreciated and a suggestion for what moisturizer to use (maybe one for the body too), by the way what is AHA? Oh one more thing, the tetracycline and vitamin A can possibly cause sunlight sensitivities, since it's close to summer what sunscreen is good for the face? Thanks.

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the DKR worked way better for me than any antibiotic that I ever got from a dermotologist. I would suggest trying the DKR thing doing EXACTLY what dan says to do, and using the exact products he reccomends, (dans BP gel is the best thing by far) I had mild acne my whole life and now I have none because I followed the DKR exactly.

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Well I just paid $56 for all of this so I'm not gonna stop using it yet lol, there seems to be mixed results about how well each of these meds worked for people. It's only been a week so we'll see. btw I don't have mild acne, mine is moderate and severe in some areas (I get some nodules/cysts) and I also have it on my back, so this is all until I can go on Accutane after the summer...hopefully I'll be one of the lucky ones where it goes away forever. :pray:

ps. I know my post is long but please at least skim to the end and answer the questions lol

(moisturizer, sunscreen etc).

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