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shiny face! what should I do?

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My face is too shiny for my liking, and I think it is because I am using cetaphil+spf15 moisturizer. I notice that suntan lotion really makes my face shine, and thus I try to avoid it, but it seems that even the spf15 is too much. What moisturizers do you guys use that don't have this unpleasant, greasy-looking, shine?

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couple dabs of milk of magnesia on the face before applying any creams will help suppress oiliness. Cetaphil sunscreen moisturizer did cause my face to be a little more oily than usual when I used it, but the MoM does help if you're happy with your moisturizer and do not wish to change it.

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try complex 15 it doesnt leave you oily at all, but before putting it on wear a mud mask 2 days in a row to absorb some of the oil on your face try the queen helene's one

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The shine you are seeing is probably not sebum...if you've been on accutane longer than a couple weeks that is.

You don't need to use Cetaphil SPF 15 Lotion. It contains octocrylene, and ester used mainly for UVB absorbtion, which is a little greasy and has a high refractive index (read shiny). It also uses avobenzone which can be irritating to some people and photodegrades in about 90 minutes anyway.....it's not so bad if you apply it every 90 minutes....

On Accutane I liked Olay Complete SPF 15 for Sensitive Skin. It uses 6% octinoxate for UVB protection, which is a lighter chemical sunscreen and isn't as shiny as octocrylene. It uses 3% zinc oxide for UVA protection, which is a metal oxide that's slightly absorbant, and non-irritating. It's actually the main ingredienty in diper cream, becuase it's soothing and a skin protectant.

Olay comes in two formulas, a lotion if you aren't that dry, and a cream if you are parched and flaking. Neither of them are greasy looking once they dry down. You need a blob about the size of a dime or nickel, preferably in between, for your face and neck....oh and get a seperate non-SPF lotion for nightime use.....Cetaphil Lotion is fine.........

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