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Sorry, it's kind of long... you don't have to read all of it, you can just comment on certain parts. It would make me feel better...

Stupid Best Friend

It was my birthday recently. My best friend totally forgot. She didn't acknowledge it or anything. Now, I know you're supposed to give and not expect anything in return, but I was kind of expecting something from my best friend. After all, she IS my best friend. And I have spent quite a bit of cash on her. I never forgot her birthday, and I'm always buying her stuff. Random gifts, clothes, starbucks drinks, gift cards, movie tickets, etc. I didn't get anything back. I sound pretty selfish now. I don't really want a gift, but I think it would have been nice of her to give back.

Stupid Hair Salons

I went to get a hair cut yesterday. My sister was paying (her birthday gift to me) and at this first salon we went to, the people there were really rude to us. Obviously I didn't get my hair cut there. So my other sister scheduled an appointment with her hair stylist. I got the cut. It was okay. I'm not loving it. It's kind of a disaster. Not what I had in mind at all. In what world does "Keep the length and cut in a *few* layers" denote "chop off a million inches and add in various layers everywhere"? The bangs I wanted.... not what I wanted. Kind of too short, and look horrible when I wear my hair natural (wavy). The whole thing kind of looks like a mullet when it's not straightened. it looks totally doofy. So I have to straighten my hair all the time now. I really hate doing that. It took me quite a while to recover my hair from its previous damaged state. This hair cut doesn't really suit me. It also doesn't help that my hair is always static-y. *sigh* I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I know I shouldn't care about appearances and about what people think, but it's really hard to do that right now.

Stupid Friend

I just tried talking to a friend over AIM for comfort and consolation, but it didn't really work out. She kind of made me feel worse. "You have to know where to go, hun," was her simple response. She kept calling me "dear" and stuff. Eff you beotch. That's all you can say to me? I don't need patronization from the likes of you. .....I love how I'm always trying to be such a caring and compassionate friend to everyone who's "always there," but everyone acts the complete opposite way to me. It really bites. :wall: No one ever gives a damn about me! Not even those people who take regular car payments, 'cause I don't drive yet.

Stupid Morons

This is totally random, but you know what I hate? Those people who say stuff like, "OMG, you're such a dork/nerd/loser!" as soon as they hear me say that I've studied for a math test or I like to read or something. Ugh, it's so annoying. Since when does wanting to keep up with your academics a bad thing? Why do people think it's cool to slack off and be dumb? Okay, I'm guilty of procrastination and slacking, too, but at least I'm not of the mind to insult people for trying to work hard to get closer to success. Morons. What I hate even more are those people who ask me if I did a certain assignment, and if I say, "Yes," they say, "Wow, you're such a dork!" and then I'm like "Shut up" and then they just ask to "see" my work as if nothing happened. Yeah, that's real smart. Insult someone then ask them for help. lol. I'm surrounded by idiots.

Stupid Neighbors

I also hate my neighbors. Those dumbflucks. When they play music, I can hear the bass. Sometimes it's really loud, but even when it's low, it still bothers me. I complain about it to my dad and my brother and I make them listen, but they don't really hear it or care because it's not that loud to them. It's loud to ME. Unwelcome little noises irritate the hell out of me. How I'd love to burn their house down. I probably would, if not for the fact that my house is attached to theirs. Damnit! Wow, I sound kind of like Edgar Allan Poe's deranged character in "The Tell-Tale Heart." Am I a lunatic now because noises "normal" people can barely hear cause me to want to severely bash the living daylights out of my neighbors? :doubt:

Stupid Junk in my Backyard

Also, it doesn't help that I discovered an empty soda can in my backyard today. It's certainly not from my house. We don't drink canned soda. We drink 2-liter bottled soda. Obviously, it's from "the other" house. Well, I chucked it over. If I see it back here again, I'm going to go effing crazy. I almost went effing crazy over this underwear incident last year. I discovered wet, white underwear in my backyard that one day. I picked it up with a stick and chucked it over the fence, assuming it belonged to my neighbors. Well, two hours later I come back and there are light blue boxers (dry) in my backyard. I didn't touch it, but I put it in a bag and went to return it to my neighbors in person. Well, the guy who greeted me claimed it wasn't his and he only lived with "her." Uh huh. Like I'm that stupid. But I insisted he take it and I watched him chuck it into the garbage before I went home again.

I really hate them. I complained to them and to the landlord a couple times, but it didn't really work out. Those bastards can't get it through their thick skull that they need to change their ways so that people like me can stop getting pissed off at people like them.

I'm trying to move, but it's hard to find good, available housing in this fantabulous location. :wall:

Stupid Smoke

You know what also drives me up the wall? Smokers... or just the scent of smoke alone. It really, really gets to my head. I swear, there's something in smoke that really sets me off. As soon as I get a whiff of the stuff, I get incredibly angry and irritated, and I want to strangle the person producing the smoke. Why do people smoke anyway? It's in no way beneficial to their health, and I doubt smoke tastes good. :/ Can't they at least make odorless cigarettes?

Stupid AP Exams and Stupid College Board

The freaking College Board is making so much money off students. Ugh. It ticks me off. It ticks me off that I have to take these dumb exams. At first I wasn't going to, but now it kind of hurts students if they take an AP class but don't take the AP exam itself. It makes them look wimpy and it really closes a lot of doors for them. Ugh. :/ I paid like $186 for to take two AP tests... and I think I might fail them both. I've taken some practice tests and they're just SO hard. At least I kick butt at writing essays, but still... GAH!!!! @#$%! I don't want to pay almost 200 bucks to fail! :( I'm trying really hard to study for it, but it's really overwhelming.

First Class Failure

It doesn't boost my confidence that I'm failing math analysis, too. I was doing pretty okay last semester. I got like a B. But now I just have a flippin' F. Damnit! I pay attention, I ask questions, I get tutoring, I do my homework, but I always end up making dumb mistakes on the tests. The teacher doesn't give partial credit. She's a beotch. I have to take the class over. I have never failed a class before, ever. This really sucks. I've never really been good at math, though. On the bright side, a few of my friends are failing as well, so I know it's not because I'm dumb. It's the teacher. But I still can't do anything about it, really. I kept resolving to raise my grade this semester, but it just gets worse. :evil::cry:

Wow, that was pretty long.

I have more to complain about, so I will probably continue this later.

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lol best rant.

Even though your completely fucking insane, I could see my self smoking a doobie and listening to bass pounding music whilst drinking canned soda.

Also I'd be wearing light blue boxers and forget to give you a gift, OMG your such a dork!

Oh and I love math and might get my hair cut pefrectly tomorrow.

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omg. you have lots of stuff to deal with 0_0. As far as the hair.... god I feel your pain. Recently I thoguht it might be cool to cut my own hair. Nuff said. Its growing out now so its not as bad. About the friends.......... that really sucks :( . You deserve better. Go meet new people if you can and find people that care. About the school..... ignore the losers. If they wanna get bad grades thats their problem. Let them be stupid. lol

Yeah, most of my friends suck. I have tons of friends, but very few "real" friends. My best friend annoys me for several reasons. Not just because she forgot my birthday, but because we don't really talk anymore. She got a boyfriend last year and now she's all obsessed with him. I feel like I've been kicked to the curb in a way. Pffft. I should stop calling her my "best" friend.

lol best rant.

Even though your completely fucking insane, I could see my self smoking a doobie and listening to bass pounding music whilst drinking canned soda.

Also I'd be wearing light blue boxers and forget to give you a gift, OMG your such a dork!

Oh and I love math and might get my hair cut pefrectly tomorrow.

:lol: that really made me crack up. But yeah, I am pretty odd. I often laugh hysterically (and I mean hysterically) for no reason.

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