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Do you guys have good results with Neutrogena on the spot ?

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Ive been using neutrogena for 3 weeks now.

But some ppl are claming that you can't have good results with neutrogena on the spot.

But on the spot is a recommended product

I am wondering if I can get good results with neutrogena on the spot.

Or Do i have to order Dan's BP.

But its kinda hard for me to order it..

plz comment about it

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You'll get fine results with Neutrogena On The Spot, but as the reply mentions above, it's a very small tube of product and as a whole face treatment, the tube won't last very long (Dan's BP is a good sized 4 ounce tube). Also, Dan's BP is a smooth gel consistency and it seems less drying than the Neutrogena one. But, if Neutrogena is all you can get, yes, it will work. (Perhaps you could mail a Money Order for payment, if you don't have a credit card.)

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I used it exclusively for the first year or so I was on the Regimen. It works just fine.

There are some differences between Dan's gel and N ots, like mentioned in the posts above, but both are 2.5% and will work with the Regimen. It's just personal preference which one you want to use.

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It'll deliver the same results as Dans gel, its just far less cost-effective since the bottle is tiny in comparison to dan's huge 4oz thing.

I found that N OTS burned when Iapplied it too. Personally I actually dislike the stuff quite a bit :shifty:

plus dans gel spreads WAY better.

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Yeah like the others, I used OTS for a while, and it'll work really great, and totally get rid of your acne...but man, when you make the switch to Dan's BP it's like dying and going to heaven. Most amazing stuff I have EVER put on my face.

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I started off with Dan's BP so I can't attest personally to the effective of OTS in the regimen (though I did use it for years for spot-treating rather ineffectively). A lot of people start out with it, have some promising results, and then switch to Dan's for cost/texture reasons. Some people start out with it but for whatever reason the cream formulation does not work well on their acne, but then they have great results after switching to Dan's. And then there is a small group of people who are sensitive to one of the ingredients in Dan's gel besides the BP who have to switch to OTS, though this isn't particularly common. I think it's fine to start out with On-the-Spot, but I also think that even if you're just giving the regimen a test shot (after determining whether you're allergic to BP or not, which might be a reason to use OTS to start with), Dan's gel is still more cost effective. I paid about $22 for two tubes plus shipping to start with (shipping will vary depending on where you live of course), and those lasted me a little over two months to start with. That's 8 oz. of BP, which is about 11 tubes of Neutrogena On-the-Spot, and I can tell you that even if you're getting an amazing deal on OTS and buying it for like $4 a tube at a Walmart type place, that's still about twice as much as you'd pay for Dan's BP with shipping. I know ordering over the internet can be inconvenient especially if you have to use a parent's credit card or don't have a good place to get things delivered to, but I think that you should try to order Dan's gel unless you absolutely can't, it's just so much better and so much more cost effective.

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