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I'm just starting, and I'm already behind. Oh well.

So I started Accutane on March 9. It's about 6 weeks in now. I'm currently on 80mg.

Past medication failures:

Retin-A, Differin, Tazorac; 2 oral tetracyclines, 1 oral myacin, oral Septra DS; Azelac (sic?), benzamycin, benzaclin, topical mycins; cephalaxin, cortisone shots. Maybe some other stuff. There really isn't anything left anyway. I have pretty much always used Cetaphil cleanser and moisturizer.

I am already seeing results - I think. It's always hard to say, because I cycle from clear skin to nasty ungodly cysts and nodules, back to clarity. This might be a clear cycle - but please, let it last!

Side effects? Yes! These are more intense than I was expecting, but when things are over with, I hope for it to have been worthwhile. I experience: chapped lips, chapped skin, chapped hair, chapped eyes and chapped everything. A great deal of my "surface tissues" - lips, eyes, skin, hair, scalp - are peel-ly and raw. It's not insufferable, trust me. It's just not convenient. I don't like putting Vaseline up my nose!

I have had some tiredness, and a little disinhibition. That might be a part of the psychiatric stuff. Did I mention I already had depression and anxiety before taking Accutane? So yeah, I'm more tired than before. Some achy muscles and joints. It's subtle, but there.

I should do pictures, like other people have. I will have to look and see if I have any good pictures. So far, results are promising. I think this crap might actually work!

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So far, all is well as far as my treatment goes. My psychiatrist was pretty supportive, now that he sees I'm perking up a little bit, more confident, and my skin actually looks better than it used to. I'm happy too. All psych. side effects are gone at this point. No noticeable tiredness even. Dry skin and eyes, yes they are there, but it's okay. At this point, I am very happy with this med. I have a painful spot on my back and along my hairline, but honestly, that's it. No cysts - that's what I'm happy about. Cystic acne hurts like hell, and I never want to have another one as long as I live.

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