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blood test results

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Does your derm tell you the results from your blood test? All mine tells me is that they look fine to her and then that's it. Should she be telling me the results?

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I had to ask to see my first set. They made me a copy. All the rest have been mailed to me shortly after the derm's office gets the results. Those tests contain plenty of numbers I'm curious about. All of my cholesterol testing prior to my accutane course with the derm's office just told me the final total number. This one actually breaks it down. It was pretty interesting, also, to see my baseline cholesterol # before Accutane, and then see it jump 20 pts the first month after. I also think it may help to monitor the numbers yourself as well, instead of being shocked when the derm decides to take you off Accutane because your test results fell outside of her acceptable range. But that's just me thinking out loud. I imagine a lot of people never see their results and wind up just fine.

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if she told you the numbers would you really understand what they meant anyway. if they are too high she will tell you.

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All my test numbers have an acceptable range beside them. Further research can be done on the Internet, if one is interested. Honestly, all I really care about, when it comes to my derm & the results is that they prescribe me the next set. Other than that, it's just to satisfy my own curiousity :)

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