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soymilk instead of milk...

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well i had lot of dairy products, especially milk

now i cut back on those dairies because i think its contributing to my acne

so i was wonderin if you can replace milk for soymilk

does soymilk contain hormones and stuff as well? or is it safe?

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You can replace cow milk with soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, etc. You can find any of these in healthfood stores.

One word of caution on soy though, there are some concerns that it mimics estrogen, so you would not want to consume it in large amounts, imo. But otherwise you can use these same subsitutes the same as you would use cow milk, for cereal, baking, drinking, etc.

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i thought estrogen doesnt contribute to acne since its the male hormone that stimulates sebasceous gland?

well if wat you are saying is true, theres no point in switching to soymilk

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Well, they give the female soy plants hormone injections so that they give more milk to their soyfants (soy babies) and thus we get a lot more soy milk. But this is very unethical because 1)the soy plant produces so much milk that she frequently develops mastitis (inflamation of the soymilk ducts), and 2) soymilk was created to feed the soyplant's offspring, not humans.

So of course there are tons of hormones pumped into soyplants each day intraveineously to keep our glasses full.

However, doctors say its a healthier route than hormone-filled cow milk.

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I just looked up Silk Soymilk b/c thats the only soymilk i know about

it claims to be "organic"

so im guessin its hormone-free and stuff

get unsweetened soymilk. its so much healthier since it has no sugar or carbs.

they fortify soymilk with vitamin D and calcium some brands. no hormones in any soymlik.

lol im not so sure about unsweetened one b/c i dont think i can stand taste of the plain

i was thinkin about getting flavored ones like vanila

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Guest vegmom02

I would like to recommend Rice Dream Enriched. It is good for cereal, smoothies and cooking/baking. My son drinks it with his probiotic and about 1/8 tsp of powdered chocolate in it! :D There are no hormones or other weird things to worry about in the Rice Dream, and when you buy the Enriched, you get the added calcium, vitamins and minerals. It also comes in Vanilla, but it has more sugar.

We were consuming Organic soy milk (Westsoy Plus, Edensoy Extra and Publix store brand), but my son began to complain of a tummy ache and I have been experiencing "female problems". After doing much research online, I decided to stay away from soy altogether, except for ocassional use of soy sauce. Even if soymilk, soy yogurt, tofu, etc. is organic, ALL soy naturally contains phytoestrogens that can mimic estrogens in a negative way. Also, soybeans may be difficult for some people to digest. So, if I were you just starting out with seeking a dairy alternative, I would choose the rice milk.

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