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Revlon One-Step Compact Makeup

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So I got this in the lightest color after reading that it was a Paula's Pick in her "Don't go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me" book. She likened it to Clique's City Base Makeup which I used to LOVE but stopped using because I thought it broke me out (which in retrospect I don't think it did)


It's fantastic!


-Covers AMAZINGLY. My melasma and accutane-redness is GONE.

-Can be used as a concealer as well

-Does not stick to my baby hairs

-The colormatch for me is bang on, and most colors in the line are pretty neutral, though Paula does mention some colors to stay away from

-Stays on pretty well (even through sweating after teaching aerobics classes) yet washes off easily

-broad-spectrum SPF 15


-you might not find a light enough shade if you're very pale

-can accentuate flakies/dry skin if you have them/it. Some days are really flaky for me, being on accutane and all, and then it looks kinda gross, but so does every other makeup I've used on dry skin.

So far it has not broken me out but 1) I am on accutane so I could rub lard into my skin and not break out (though I still got a PMS pimple-go figure) and 2) I think I would need to use it more consistently and for longer to truly find out if I'll break out from it.


If you have non-flaky skin, want good, quick easy coverage and can find a color match it's worth the $15 CAD. Those with very dry skin will want to stay away from this. Best for normal to slightly oily or slightly dry skin.

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