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real maverick

Going to my Derm tomorrow to request accutane

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My skin is on a constant cycle of clear > breakout > clear > breakout and it's been like this for coming on 15 years. I guess at 27 I realise my skins not going to clear itself up and I don't fancy another 15 years of troubles. I suffer from blocked pores too and oily skin though at times my skin isn't oily. It's basically totally unpredictable.

So I'm paying £200 - $400 for an appointment with an understanding derm, my appointment is tomorrow at 12pm. He said on the phone that the current state of my skin isn't important, it's more about what I want for the future. If I've already tried everything else then it's pointless beating about the bush.

I'm confident he'll prescribe me accutane because of my age and due to the fact I've tried everything else with little success. DKR being the most success I've had but still not 100% clear 100% of the time. In addition it's a drag having to do it every single day and every single night and destroying my wardrobe in the process.

It's going to cost me about £350 - $700 a month but it will be worth it.

Keep your fingers crossed for me, I'm praying I'll be taking my first accutane pill tomorrow afternoon.


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Hah, i just posted a similar thread (although i'm 18, not 27)

From wat ur saying, u've already got accutane bro, its just not official.

One of the criteria for prescribing accutane is if the case, regardless of severity, is an adult acne case, which i think is classed by 23yrs+,

so as long as they run through the protocol of making u aware of potential side effects and u agreeing u won't hold them accountable, u have a legal right to accutane.

I've got som advice, don't pin ur hope on this course alone.

U'll get clear, but it might com back. At that point, go back to the derm, NOTHING ELSE, and get another course. DO NOT let urself go running back to the other medications - ACCUTANE IS A MIRACLE, at this point in life u shld accept nothing less.

I've developed an anxiety condition from the stress of creams EVERY night, I really can't do it for another 5 years at the least.

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Hey Beng thanks for the advice.

You're right that it might not fix it forever but as you say I can go on a second course.

I'm hoping because my acne is so mild, it will clear it up in one go but I guess it's hard to tell.

I'm really looking forward to popping the first pill, first day of the rest of my life. Gawd life will be so much easier not having to stress over my dumb skin.

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Oh yeh, if u don't get it, tell him he'll have to get the cops down to the office to get u to leave - not like u'll be charged with anything serious - ur an acne sufferer, not an ice addict, we all deserve to be clear

All the best mate, all the best....

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Just curious but I read your thread on the Sudocrem and it sounded like your skin was doing great. Is the reason for going on Accutane so you don't have to continue with doing the whole regimen forever? (just wondering as I'm interested in both, but can't take Accutane for a few more months).

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I love Dr. Lim! And he's even cooler cause he's this little asian guy who parties with supermodels and international royalty... and that's not a joke! :cool2:

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