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What will make the derm

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Wondering if any1 knows much about the mind of a derm.

If ur an acne sufferer of 4 years, have tried it all (supplements, antibiotics, creams, accutane)

and only ever had proper success with accutane, and have had a recurrence of scarring acne on more parts of ur face than b4 tane, 3-4 months post-tane,


been forced to use creams after becoming resistant to antibiotics and not having a derm in town for 6 months becoz of paternity leave, and you've now developed an anxiety condition directly attributable to stress experienced from applying creams to ur face EVERY night, stress from battling acne for 4 years, stress from not being able to see a derm...

will the derm give an accutane prescrip. if ur 100% SURE that accutane will get rid of ur anxiety condition, will improve the quality of ur life, will obviously give u clear skin by month 4-5 for sure, and will give u a normal life back.


- the creams are KIND OF successful which is a curse really coz alot of derms only look at the skin and make a decision(don't wry about the patient's mental state just so u can avoid prescribing accutane u selfish a**h***)

- had NO side effects on first course}

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One thing, don't tell him you're depressed because of the acne, because of accutanes tendancy to cause depression. I'm not even sure I'd talk about the anxiety as it woulnd't surprise me if they don't try to pin it on the tane. I would talk more about the scarring issues and the creams doing nothing and also that you don't want to spend your whole life using creams.

I'd tell him that you've tried everything, make some stuff up if you have too, retin-a etc.

Also tell him that your dad had acne well in to his 30's and as a result suffered scarring and you don't want the same fate.

As you've tried tane, you know it works, you know the risks and experienced the side effects and you know for certain it's the only thing that will work.

Good luck with the appointment buddy.

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One thing, don't tell him you're depressed because of the acne, because of accutanes tendancy to cause depression.

Yeh, thats the thing. I don't actually have depression, just anxiety, but I'm worried the derm's gonna twist my words, try convince i suffer depression, and then have a legal reason not to prescribe me. FUCK I wish my mum or dad or close relative was a derm!!!!!!!!!!!

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Listen to maverick. That will get you Accutane. You just have to play the "I've tried every topical and antibiotic under the sun with little to no success" route and you'll get it.

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Bring all your your creams topicals antibiotics..etc and drop it on his desk! Tell him you've tried evrything in the past 4 years and make sure you apply an a oily moisturizer that day!

good luck

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If you physically know that u can't spend another 5 years at least applyin creams to ur face, and have had a previous successful course of accutane, you would have a legal right to ask to go on accutane again and not be refused?

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