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Dionysus' Adventure in Accutane: The Beginning

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Hi, my name is Graham and I just turned 23 and I suffer from Acne.

When I was in high school I had severe acne on my face and unfortunately I did nothing about that. During my late teens the acne spread to my back and chest and my face cleared up. Because my face cleared up I just went years hiding my acne instead of seeking treatment.

Things all changed when I got a job as parking security at a local casino. As a result of the constant walking I was doing, I lost 35lbs. I used to weight 260lbs. That job changed my life because I finally made the decision to improve my body. I was no longer going hide my problems. The fact that I have met the girl I want to marry also helped.

I went the dermatologist and he believed that my acne was already starting to go away; unfortunately, it has left me with scarring and lots or red marks. He started me off with 3 months on Minocyclin with only a slight improvement we decided to go with accutane.

This is my journey of self-improvement. I am also continuing my weight loss by eating healthy and going to the gym. If all goes well at the end the journey not only will you see acne free skin but a ripped body as well. And if I am really lucky some of the red marks will have faded by then. Scar treatments will have to come later.

Dose: Alternate 120mg and 80mg dose, daily

$70 for 10-Day Supply (no extender medical) at least all the doctor’s visits and blood tests are free thanks to Canada's Health Care system

I am breaking the log into two sections Initial Treatment and Full Treatment, because I was on a 10-day supply of accutane and can't go on the full treatment until I go see my dermatologist on the 27th and if everything is okay with my blood test.

Initial Treatment - Day 1

I do not have any pictures for Day 1 because I just decided to do this log. I started taking Accutane on April 2nd 2007 for 10 Days. After that I needed to get a second blood test before my Dermatologist would prescribe the rest of the treatment. I had the second blood test on the 15th of April but I don't see my dermatologist until April 27th. So I have been off the drug for two weeks before I start the full treatment. Assuming the blood test results are fine.

Initial Treatment - Day 10

The area around my lips and nose was very dry. This area also broke out with acne after about 3 days on Accutane. I was a little depressed because my face was clear. Fortunately that breakout healed itself quickly. I still suffering from the initial break out on my chest an back despite not been on accutane for a week now.

Initial Treatment - Day 20 (10 Days after taking the 10 day supply)

Here are some pics with some of the initial breakout on my back and chest. I have been moisturizing my lips and face to get rid of the dryness. I expect this to come back when I start treatment again. However, this time I will be prepared for it. Also my face was a little red.

Here is the Before Picture:


Final - 5 Months

Well my accutane course is all done. Well actually in 3 days, but close enough. All my active acne is gone, except for the odd one and a few black heads. I am amazed and so happy about the results. Being clear feels wonderfull.

Through my entire course I suffered from no serious side effects. The only side effects I suffered were the normal dry skin and dry lips and a little facial redness. Even that was a lot more manageable then I thought. Just used a heavy cream at night on my lips and applied Blistex Regular lip balm throughout the day and my dry lips were barely noticeable

I was took a 120mg and 80mg dose, alternating daily during my entire 5 moths. Since I had no additional healthcare it ran me $141 CDN per month. Well actually it costs me nothing; My parents paid everything. I just used a guilt trip since they didn't help seek treatment when I was teen. I am so evil.

Now I just need to deal with the red marks and scaring. I am also lost about 35lbs since starting my treatment (65 lbs since last november), which has also been a huge confidence booster.

Here is the After Picture:


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Hey! I sent you a PM...basically, I just wanted to say good luck and that it's to see someone from Van, let alone Canada on here! :)

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Finaly got around to updating my log with the final results. See the Final section of my orignal post.

Looking a lot better, both acne-wise and body-wise.

I could see major improvements, so keep up the excersise and diet and you'll be in great shape in a matter of months.

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