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Quick tips for acne related daily issues to make life better

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I figured there should be a thread for quick tips which is acne related. I'll start, you will get the jist of it

1. Make sure to disinfect and wipe down your keyboard every few days because your fingers are probably dirty when you type, and if you accidentally picked your spots, it will now be on the keyboard, and then back on your face if you scratch or touch.

2. If you want to touch your face to feel it, wash your hands and then touch your face, or get an oil absorbing sheet to wrap your finger around, then touch the area you wish to. If you want to touch your face, first fan your face and see if that relieves any reason why you may want to touch (whether itchy, hair in the way, etc)

3. There is a proper method to wash your hands effectively. First make sure the water is hot as you can bare, without burning yourself. Then take the hand soap and rub it in your hand while it's wet. Do this and count the alphabet, then wash your hands under the water stream until it all is off for a few seconds, then rinse off and dry. This will ensure all the bacteria, or most of it, is gone. We learned this in the food service industry so it can be applied for most everything else dealing with cleanliness :).


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use whatever u wash ur face with to wash ur hands with prior to touching ur face ( prior to applying moisturizer or acne treatments). if you wash your hands with something like soft soap which has a lot of fragrance in it- those fragrances will still be on your hands when you apply your creams and can cause breakouts if your skin is sensitive to fragrances.

wash make up brushes often

change powder puffs often

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