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What to do about recurring big pimples?

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I have this huge huge huge pimple that comes in right at the tip of my nose about once every six months. How do I stop this from coming in?

I've used the regimen to success with the rest of my face, except that one pimple, and the last time I got the pimple was last month. I feel it coming in again in a few days.

Why is it coming in faster than usual and how do I stop it?

Thank you.

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Are you using BP on your nose too?

If you tend to have a particularly bad breakout on your nose, try using more BP there, especially at night if you find that using alot during the daytime is noticeable.

Also, if this is one pimple that keeps recurring, you may need to let a dermatologist take a look at it. They can inject those large one's and help them resolve quicker.

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ice works well for spot treatment

and yes i had a relapse of a same spot over and over...

i started using more BP on that spot and now its relatively clear

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Don't pick at it if you do). A lot of times a re-occuring zit is the result of a damaged pore from picking it in the past. That's been my experience with re-occuring zits in the exact same spot. I pop it & it seeks revenge some months later. Now that I don't pick at all & do DKR it has been much better.

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