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Hi, I'm in my 3rd month on accutane and progress has been made, but it's been very slow. For the 1st 2 months I was at 80mg a day, and on the 3rd month I'm at 120mg a day and I weigh about 170lbs. I was goin decent for a while, then a couple days ago I get this big cyst on my cheek and I didn't usually get them there and it's awful. I'm really hoping that this one will heal and I'll continue to improve. I guess I'm just dissapointed because I haven't been totally clear yet and I'm still getting new problems. I don't think it's the accutane making me depressed, it's just the fact that I want so badly for accutane to fully work and up till now, it isn't, and I'm on a high dosage now too. I just needed to vent I guess, is this normal for it to take this long?

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Ah man i totally feal ya.... itz horrible im in the smae positions as you

someone plz give me a gun!... ACCUTANE DOES NOT CAUSE DEPRESSION!!!


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It'll be ok buddy. I'm finishing up my on my 3rd month, same dosage as you, and I still have some spots here and there that have been popping up. Just let the medicine run it's course.

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You have a cumulative dose of about 109mg/kg right, now 80mg*30days*2+120mg*30=8400mg / (170/2.2) = 109mg/kg.

The range is 120mg-150mg/kg, for severe acne, I was cleared on 60mg/kg (mild acne),

you should be seeing results within weeks if not days. Your system is probably in a lag, I mean as probabilities go you have about 80% chance already of never seeing another zit.

So cheers.

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