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How Far Do You Go

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How far are you supposed to go when popping a zit . Theres a few different stages of liquids that come out .

1)pus , white substance that could be mistaken for hand moizturizer lotion (lol)

2)blood , seems to be a bit darker color than blood might normally be

3) and eventually this yellowish liquid , mixed with some blood may come out

4)if you push hard enough a clumb of hard white puss may come out , more of a solid than liquid though.

How far are you supposed to push , and what exactly are numbers 3 and 4? im curius.

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it all depends for different people. i dont think ive never NOT popped a whitehead and i dont have any scars from them at all, after six years of acne.

when i pop, i usually go until a little blood comes out, then i let it go right away because that means you got all the puss out.

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i never pop them, if u do the bacteria just spreads, and forms a new one in the same place, or maybe even a cluster of them in the area. Just wait for them to dry out and pop naturally, i had tonnes on my face two days ago, didnt touch them at all, just washed, and now 80 percent are gone, with no red marks.

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i must be the luckiest kid on earth, but i pop everything, and rarely get scars, and when i do ACV/bp fades them quickly.

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This is gross that I know this...but the PA I used to see in my dermatology's cosmetic center told me this while extracting some lip zits (ouch).

Apparently to completely kill a zit, you have to get the sebum plug out (the thing that looks like a tiny white or yellow 'seed'). This is the actual clog in the pore, so if you don't get this bad boy out, the zit will remain/reinflame.

I would always squeeze this really deep zit on my chin which I thought was a clogged pore at first...I would get all the goob out, but never the plug. Therefore, this thing kept coming back for a few months. Once I was able to get the plug out with a pair of tweezers, it finally died. This thing was huge! So gross yet so satisfying :)

I don't squeeze my zits anymore (unless they are really big), I just use tweezers to dig the plug out. I get some redmarks, but they seem to be fading!

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The previous poster is right: If you don't expel the pore blockage, you're just going to have a perpetual zit. Usually I don't bleed until that thing is removed, so I don't stop squeezing until I see blood.

I believe any scars I get aren't from squeezing too hard, but rather from the depth of the pimple to begin with. Red marks go away pretty quickly if you use Neo- or Polysporin twice a day.

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In the long run, leaving that massive ugly white head alone saves you red marks and scars. Bite your lip and don't pop it.


last time I try tat it tool longer to go away tho.... are u sure about tat I'm scare to try

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