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simple step to bacne prevention

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I just thought I'd share this little bit of information.

My friend's dermatologist told her that hair conditioner clogs the pores on your back and to make sure you wash your body AFTER washing conditioner out of your hair.

I used to have hair to my waist and HAD to condition it. My friend told me what her dermatologist told her, so I tried it. My back cleared up significantly (not completely).

Anyway, thought I'd share that, mostly for the girls. I guess it's a bit of common sense, but something I overlooked for a long time.

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I don't use fabric softener, but that is very good to know! My boyfriend does though, when we get married I'll have to break him of the habit!

Thank you for that:)

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I just switched conditioners, and started to do my back treatment after finishing my hair and ready to get out of the shower. I was just thinking of dryer softner stuff too. Guess I'm just trying to think of whatever might be irritating my skin. Good luck all! :angel:

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I heard of this too, I don't break out too too bad there, mostly sporatic spots but I guess it's worth a shot to wash my back after rinsing the conditioner.

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oh this makes so much sense! my back just where my hair hangs is always irritated, not acne strictly but little bumps and irritations! thanks for the tip, never even thought it would be from the conditioner but it has to be its the only place they are!

thank you!!

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