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Clogged pore???

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Hey everyone,

I'm just about to start my 5th week of tane and although I'm not breaking out much, my skin is littered with little whiteish bumps. They aren't red or inflamed, but they make my skin look a little rough and bumpy. On the plus side, many of them aren't noticeable but when I push my skin flat with my tonuge I can see them everywhere. Any ideas on what they are and when they will go away? They seem to be clustered on my cheeks and close to my nose and mouth - the ones around my mouth being the hardest to notice.

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I seem to get those around my mouth/chin when I shave. Some just disappear and other get inflamed and turn red. It's very annoying. I have started to use aloe vera gel after i shave and it seems to help stop those clogged pores from forming. I always pray that they stay that way or disappear rather than get inflamed. It's a pain having pimples around the mouth. They hurt and look terrible.

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Thanks for replying and I know exactly how you feel! I'm just waitng for those bastards to come alive and start getting all red and juicy:( But right now, they are just hanging out as they have been for a few weeks, neither growing nor shrinking. I mean they look like pimples, but there's no reddness to them at all. If they do decide to suddenly "activate", I'm gonna have a disaster on my hands:(

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Some of them will turn into something worser which is the most nervious part. i get them squeeze out so that wont happen... but i do get breakouts somewhere else which is annoying.

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