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Missed my 7 day window!

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I could go on and on about why I missed the window (by HOURS,only), but ultimately it was my fault. Shit happens sometimes and I-Pledge should have some contigency plan in place for that.

I am female and will now have to wait until May 13th to fill my prescription.

Here is my question - I have my prescription in my posession, and I wwas wondering if I could get it filled via a Canadian pharmacy online. As you may know, Canada does not partipicipate in the I-Pledge program. (MODS - please do not delete this post as I DO have a prescription.)

The first Canadian pharmacy I called indicated that they simply do not sell Accutane to any female patients.

The others appear to be closed and I will have to call on MOnday. Has anybody (female) missed their window and tried to go this route?


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i think many canadian pharmacies do comply with ipledge when selling to the US. talk to your derm, maybe she can get you some sample pills or something.

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My derm's office made it clear that you would have to wait 30 days, repeat and pass your blood tests, before you could get the drug again if you missed the seven day window. That's why they post-date my prescription (one day only!) when I come in for my appt / blood test @ 4 PM. I believe you have to fill the scrip 7 days from when it's prescribed, and per iPledge rules, they can only write one scrip in a 30 day period.

I wonder if the blood tests reveal whether you have isotretinoin in your system? Hope they won't be mad if you come back the next month and they find out you've been getting the drug while supposedly under their care but not really taking the drug according to their directions.

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