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has anyone tried lasers?

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hey guys. i can't do accutane right now because my insurance won't cover it. but, i am thinking about doing smoothbeam because at least it's a bit less expensive. i have been getting a lot more scars lately -- which totally pisses me off -- so i was thinking if all this laser stuff works, it can get rid of my acne and the scars at the same time. has anyone tried it? i am getting so damn sick of these freakin zits, especially on my back and arms -- where the hell did they come from. i am going to the beach with my boyfriend in february, and i want to be able to wear a bikini in public!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any luck with lasers, anyone?!?!?!?!?!?


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I was considering CLEARLIGHT laser treatment, but there's only about a 50/50 chance insurance would cover it, and it is A LOT more expensive than accutane. Why won't your ins. company cover accutane??

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I'm doing smoothbeam for acne and minor scarring. I'm ~3 weeks post 1st treatment and after a series of breakouts, my skin seems to be doing much better now. I'm also on differin. Anyway, I'm hopefull that after at least 4 treatments, I'll be all set. I'm willing to do up to 6.

Smoothbeam is not cheap either. If you have acne on several areas (face, chest, back) then accutane is a better bet, since smoothbeam is charged per area. I'm doing just my face for $300 CDN.

When you say 'lot more scars lately' - keep in mind that red marks aren't scars and will fade over time.

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Don't waste your money, lasers at best are for scars not acne. Let say the lasers do help with your acne. What happens when you break out again, another laser treatment? That could get quite costly. I recommend you find a regime to deal with your acne first then use lasers for scars if necessary.

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Lasers should not be used as a first line of defence, but there are some of us out there that have tried everything without long term success. Accutane cleared me up completely a couple years ago, but the acne came back (not as severe) a few months later. So I'm left with trying smoothbeam now since existing therapy isn't working for me. Smoothbeam is supposed to have a more long term effect than topicals/antibiotics, which have done nothing for me.

Problem is what works for one person might do nothing for another except irritate their skin. So smoothbeam, clearlight, retin-a, minocin etc. might be a waste of money for some and a godsend for others.

Anyway, if acne is severe or has scarring potential, I would try accutane first. Especially if it's all over your body. Smoothbeam is not practical across larger areas (at least cost-wise).

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