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Humidity and acne

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Does humidity and heat play a big factor in having acne? I live in Canada which isn't really humid but I will traveling around Southeast Asia such as Thailand for several months where it is really humid. I am starting to freak out because my acne might get worse to the point of being severe. Currently, it's under control (though not completely cured) after taking accutane last year.

By the way, what sunscreen products do you recommend that will not cause breakouts?

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hey, one theory is that when it is humid, your follicle becomes swollen from the excessive moisture and as a result the probability of it collapsing and creating a plug increases...i would buy a de-humidifier for when u sleep, you'll be surprised at how many litres of water it'll suck up in one night alone..you'll wake up nice and dry as opposed to all icky. as for sunscreem, zinc oxide has a comedogenicity rating of 0 (out of 5) and is antiseptic, it's also full spectrum (UVA and UVB) and lasts all day until you wash it off (comes off easy when washing AND is is sweat proof), id ask a pharamacist is they could mix you some powdered sunscreen, like part zinc oxide, part iron oxide, and titanium oxide (all of which have comedogenicity ratings of 0). so you'll be covered at least to spf 15. have fun in thailand..watch out for their gargantuan spiders :ninja:

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