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To all the accutane users

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I have been accutane for the last 2months. In the beginning everything was going well (skin was dryer and complexion was clearing up). Now however things are a bit different, I am breaking out all over my body and I have a rash on my genital that has been around for two weeks now. It is quite frustating because before accutane I did not have body acne or a rash on my genital. By the way I am a male. Your response will be greatly appreciated.

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This is something that you need to talk to your doctor about. Around the end of month 1/beggining of month 2 I had some very small breakouts on my chest and back, places I had never had acne before. But these were very minor (like a couple of pimples), yours doesn't seem so. And my genitals were never affected. Thank the lord. Sorry man. Check with the derm.

I did have a couple of rashes on my arms, but they disappeared within about a week.

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i also had a small breakout on my chest for a while, which i never had before. it went away completely, ask your derm for something for the rash, i had a rash on my hands and my derm gave me a cream for it, within a few days it was completely gone.

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