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success battling adult acne

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I am a 27 year old female who has been suffering from mild to moderate acne since I was 18. I had a few pimples in high school but nothing unusual. My freshman year of college I started breaking out, especially on my chin and lower cheeks. I had small pimples as well as usually 2-3 deeper cysts/nodules at a time -- those were what really freaked me out. I

tried various salicylic treatments, a benzoyl peroxide wash, and Retin-A. If I had hung on longer with these various products, maybe they would have helped. I tended to get discouraged when the PB cleanser didn’t do anything, and the Retin-A irritated my skin. In the

midst of this, I also went on minocyclen but saw little improvement. Eventually, when I was almost 20, I went on ortho tri-cyclen and saw some improvement. My skin almost completely cleared when I finished college and started eating a better diet – more fruits and veggies, less fatty foods – and started getting regular exercise (5-6 times a week cycling outside

compared to almost nothing during college). I also dramatically reduced my alcohol intake from 10-15 servings per week to 2-3. My skin was clear for about 3 years.

Then when I was 26 I was switched to a higher-dose PCP and had a very unfortunate skin

reaction, called melasma or “mask of pregnancy†in which I developed hyper pigmentation on my forehead. I would go into the sun and within minutes have tan patches on my forehead, whereas the rest of my skin would have taken at least another hour or two to get

the same amount of color. Due to this, I decided to go off the pill completely. I was worried that this would trigger the same kind of acne I had in college, but the brown patches were horrible and according to my research they would not go away unless I a) stopped

taking the pill, even the lower-dose pill I had been on previously, and b) stayed out of the sun.

Fortunately my skin did not flare up immediately. But within about six months, I was starting to get acne again, including a few cystic nodules. I started using a salycilic acid product and went on doxycycline. The acne only got worse. I tried various topical products, all to no avail. In August of 2006 I broke out really badly, with six deep nodules on my right cheek. I was horrified. That is when I found Dan’s website.

At first I was skeptical, like we all are. How can it be so easy? I was sure of a scam. But the more I studied the website, the better it looked. Given my situation with six nodules on my face (and I live in a warm, humid environment where makeup isn’t very practical), I was willing to give it a try, particularly since it was so cheap compared to other regimens. I started on the regimen and followed it quite strictly, according to Dan’s instructions-- except that I never did work up to using the full recommended amount of BP, just maybe 2/3. For

the first three months I used nothing but Dan’s cleanser, BP, and some Proactiv moisturizer that someone gave me. My skin did not clear up immediately, but I did see some progress within the first few weeks. Then I broke out badly again, but continued with the treatment. By about the 10 week mark I was measurably improved, with only about 1-2 cystic nodules at a time and a smattering of smaller pimples (maybe 4-6 at a time, some quite small).

Then I had a set back. I ran out of the Proactiv moisturizer and switched to Cetaphil moisturizing lotion. Not only that, but as I was looking at products I also decided to get the Cetaphil gentle cleanser since I thought it would help reduce the dryness. Boy was that a mistake!! I DO NOT recommend any Cetaphil products – I saw a huge increase in the

number of black heads, my pores go bigger, and generally my acne worsened. Unfortunately I used the two products for about 3 weeks before stopping, and I continued using the moisturizer for another two weeks or so. Big mistake.

I wasn’t able to make an order for Dan’s cleanser, so I bought Clean and Clear foaming cleanser for sensitive skin, which I have loved. I also bought Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion spf 15. My regimen for the last 4 months has been:


Clean ‘n’ Clear mentioned above

Dan's BP

Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunblock spf 55 (the high spf because of my sensitivity to the sun due to condition I mentioned above)


Clean 'n' Clear

Dan's BP

Neutrogena Health Skin Face Lotion spf 15 (this is the one w AHAs recommended by Dan)

While I still get some acne, I don't get the cysts anymore, and if I didn't live in such a humid environment I doubt I'd have much acne at all. I don't wear makeup. I consider my acne to be under control IN SPITE OF THE FACT THAT I NO LONGER TAKE BIRTH CONTROL PILLS. I am really happy about this, as I don't think it's healthy to take oral contraceptives over a long period (I took them for six years and would have kept it up had I not developed the melasma). So while I don't have the flawless skin that some people rave about, it is hugely improved and I am pleased with the results of this inexpensive regimen that takes very little time out of my day. And now I"m hormone free!!

A few other notes.... about diet: I eat a balacned diet with lots of fruits and veggies but haven't made any substantial changes in my diet for several years. I did add some flaxseed oil to my diet a while back, but haven't used it consistently enough to draw any conclusions. Also, I tend not to drink as much water as I should. So I attribute the progress in my skin these last months to Dan's regimen alone.

The only thing I sometimes worry about is the long-termeffects of BP, as my skin is starting to show some signs of aging (natural at age 27) and I worry that the BP could speed up this process. If ayone has any insight into this, I'd be grateful.

Good luck! To all those women out there with adult or "hormonal" acne, you can use BP to get your skin under control so don't hop onto the pill too quickly. (BTW I have since gotten an IUD which caused a lot of pain and cramping for the first few months but I love it now.)

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using a 5% BP cream for several months (i'm 24 now) with no previous use of topicals ever slightly

increased the healing rate of my bumps/whiteheads (nothing more severe) but it left me with tons of redmarks, rougher skin and i think it ruined the ability of the skin to heal in those areas even if i only applied once or twice in an area

many people say that BP is the real solution but it isn't worth it if it leaves your skin filled with redmarks and aging

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That's wonderful news you've gotten clear. Congratulations.

And Cyph31, you might want to try a 2.5% bp instead of 5%. It is more gentle and just as effective. Also find a good hydrating moisturizer to use along with it.

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